Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Significant name Eisenhower National Historic Site Gettysburg, PA
Significant name Eisenhower Home Abilene
Home Commandant's Residence, Quarters Number One, Fort Adams Newport, RI
1916/07/01 Mamie Doud marries Dwight Eisenhower in the first floor music room of the Doud family home. Groom John and Elvira Doud House Denver Marriage of Mamie Doud and Dwight Eisenhower
1917/07/00 Captain Dwight Eisenhower, instructor of officer candidates at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, builds a training ground with trenches and dugouts for practicing assaults. Military Fort Oglethorpe Historic District Fort Oglethorpe
1917/09/00 Ike Eisenhower is sent to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to teach provisional lieutenants. Eisenhower supervises the unit's physical training which includes bayonet drills. Military Fort Leavenworth Kansas
1917/10/00 In the fall, the Eisenhower's move to a brick house at 237 Spring Avenue in Gettysburg, where they live for several months. Home Eisenhower Brick House Gettysburg, PA
1918/02/00 Ike Eisenhower is ordered to report to Camp Meade, Maryland, where he will join the 65th Engineers. US Army Commander
1918/03/00 Never actually seen a tank, Eisenhower is informed that he is to command the US Army 301st Tank Battalion which is to be deployed to France in the spring. The War Dept will change these orders. US Army Commander Invention of the Military Tank
1918/03/23 Ike Eisenhower arrives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Life Gettysburg Lincoln Railroad Station Gettysburg, PA
1918/03/24 Major Eisenhower takes command of US Army Camp Colt, tank service camp at Gettysburg. Camp Colt covers 200 acres of the civil war battlefield, including parts of the Codori and Smith farms and the site of Pickett's Charge. Military Gettysburg National Military Park Gettysburg, PA
1918/06/00 The Eisenhowers settle in at the rented Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house near Pennsylvania College. Home Eisenhower Institute Gettysburg, PA
1918/09/00 Camp Colt (lost) is placed under quarantine due to a flu epidemic. The highly contagious disease spread when 110 soldiers came in from Camp Devens, Mass, arrived in camp. US Army Commander Gettysburg National Military Park Gettysburg, PA
1918/11/00 Eisenhower puts the death toll from the flu at 175. Victims include nurse Lydia Miller and Pvt Boyd F Shriver. "There were no coffins. We had no place to put the bodies except in a storage tent until they could gradually be taken care of more suitably." US Army Commander Influenza Pandemic of 1918
1919/00/00 Designed to show the need for better highways as a defense measure, Eisenhower leads an army unit of motorized vehicles cross country, through southern Wyoming. Military Wyoming United States of America
1944/12/15 General Eisenhower officially receives orders at his office, Grand Trianon Palace, of his promotion to General of the Army. Lt Gen Beetle Smith pins the new 5 star insignia on Eisenhower. Rank Grand Trianon Palace Palace and Park of Versailles
1946/03/08 Churchills and Eisenhowers arrive at Broad Street Station on a special 5 car sleeper train from Washington, DC. Visitor Broad Street Station Richmond Winston Churchill's 1946 American Tour
1946/03/08 Eisenhower and Churchill speak to the Virginia General Assembly. Churchill: "Colonial Williamsburg was the cradle of the Gt Republic in which more than 150 years afterwards the strong champions of freedom were found to have been nursed." Speaker Virginia State Capitol Richmond Winston Churchill's 1946 American Tour
1946/03/08 Clementine, Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and Mamie, travel by train to Williamsburg and tour Colonial Williamsburg in a horse-drawn carriage. Visitor Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg Winston Churchill's 1946 American Tour
1946/03/08 Mamie and Dwight Eisenhower and Clementine and Winston Churchill tour College of William and Mary. Visitor College of William and Mary, Williamsburg Williamsburg Winston Churchill's 1946 American Tour
1946/03/08 At the Raleigh Tavern, Churchill and Eisenhower enjoy Scotch and Soda in the Tap Room while Clementine and Mamie have tea in the Apollo Room. Visitor Raleigh Tavern Williamsburg Winston Churchill's 1946 American Tour
1946/03/08 Churchill, Clementine and Dwight Eisenhower and his wife Mamie attend a banquet at the Williamsburg Inn hosted by Mr and Mrs John D Rockefeeler III. Visitor Williamsburg Inn Williamsburg Winston Churchill's 1946 American Tour
1953/00/00 President Dwight D Eisenhower stays Visitor Custer State Game Lodge Custer State Park
1954/10/01 'Eisenhower Cabin' is completed near the 10th tee at Augusta National Golf Club. Built for President Eisenhower and his family for their visits to Augusta, designed by architect Lowrey Stulb and his firm, Eve and Stulb. Visitor Augusta National Golf Course Augusta, GA
1955/01/19 In the Old Executive Office Building's Indian Treaty Room (Room 474), United States President Eisenhower holds the first televised US Presidential news conference. US President Eisenhower Executive Office Building Washington, DC History of the Television
1955/09/23 President Eisenhower suffers a heart attack while visiting his mother in-law. Health John and Elvira Doud House Denver
1956/10/09 Presidents Harry S Truman and Dwight D Eisenhower both stay at the William Penn Hotel during their campaigns as Eisenhower gives a major speech in the hotel's ballroom, October 8-9, 1956. Visitor William Penn Hotel Pittsburgh
1957/00/00 Dwight Eisenhower signs Executive Order 10730 directing the Secretary of Defense to federalize National Guard units in Arkansas, which had previously been used by Gov Orval Faubus to prevent integration. US President
1958/05/30 Caskets of two unknown soldiers, one from World War II and one from the Korean Conflict, are carried on caissons to Arlington National Cemetery. President Eisenhower awards each the Medal of Honor, and the Unknowns are interred in the plaza. US President Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, VA Establishing the Tomb of the Unknown US Soldier
1959/01/03 President Dwight D Elsenhower signs the proclamation admitting Alaska as the 49th state of the union. By executive order the new 49 star national flag did not become the official ensign until July 4th of that year. US President Alaska United States of America Alaska Statehood
1964/01/01 Grand Marshal Dwight Eisenhower becomes stuck for some time in a bathroom with a faulty sliding door at the Tournament House. Dignitary Wrigley Mansion Pasadena, CA
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