Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1844/11/21 James Hillary Mulligan is born in Lexington, Kentucky, son of the locally prominent businessman Dennis Mulligan and Ellen Alice (McCoy) Mulligan. Born
1855/00/00 Mulligan attends the dame-school of good old Mrs Lord, and thence in various schools including three years under the Rev James Gunn, five years under the noted educator, Abram S Drake - the last three in Transylvania High School. Education Old Morrison, Transylvania College Lexington, KY
1860/00/00 For almost a year, James Mulligan attends St Joseph's College in Bardstown. Work Spalding Hall, St Joseph's College Bardstown, KY
1861/00/00 Mulligan attends to St Mary's (Jesuit) College, Montreal, for two years, transferring afterwards, for one year, to the Mother house of the Canadian branch in France, at Vannes in Brittany. Education
1862/00/00 James returns to Lexington and entered the law office of General John B Huston and WS Downey, partners as Huston and Downey. Work
1864/00/00 Mulligan returns to St Mary's for one year, leaving when it would have required two years more to complete the course. St Mary's lacked authority to grant diplomas, due to the monopolies held by Lavall University, Quebec and McGill University, Montreal. Education Montreal Quebec
1866/00/00 Mulligan works as city editor of the Lexington Observer and Reporter, when Col WCP Breckinridge was editor of that paper (1866-1868). Work
1867/00/00 Mulligan represents the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Gazette, Louisville Democrat and some Eastern papers at Frankfort for one legislative session, 1867-1868. Work
1869/00/00 James Mulligan receives his law degree from Kentucky University (now Transylvania University). Education Old Morrison, Transylvania College Lexington, KY
1870/00/00 Mulligan also is judge of the Recorder's Court of Lexington from 1870 to 1876. The court had a limited civil jurisdiction and a concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Court within the city, in penal cases, short of felonies with grand jury attachments. Work
1870/00/00 Mulligan enters the firm of Huston, Downey and Mulligan, which, after the death of Major Downey, was continued as Huston and Mulligan until the death of General Huston in 1881, when the firm of Mulligan and Beauchamp, succeeded it. Work
1872/00/00 Dennis Mulligan buys Maxwell Springs and has Maxwell Place built, an Italianate villa, for his son James Hillary Mulligan and daughter-in-law Mary Jackson Mulligan, 1870-1872. Home Maxwell Place Lexington, KY
1881/00/00 Mulligan works consecutive terms in the lower house of the Kentucky Legislature, entering in the session of 1881-1882. Work
1891/00/00 Representing Fayette county, Mulligan works one term in the Kentucky Senate including the continuous session of more than one year, known as the "long parliament," immediately following the adoption of the new State constitution. Work
1894/06/00 President Cleveland appoints James Mulligan Consul-General to Samoa in June, 1894, resigning January 1, 1896. Immediately thereafter he was appointed Consul-General to Capetown, Africa, but declined the post. Work Samoa
1894/11/29 US Consul, James Mulligan, goes to great pains to secure a turkey and host Robert L Stevenson and his wife on Thanksgiving Day. Host Samoa Turkey
1896/00/00 Mulligan is appointed a special agent of the treasury department, in a legal capacity, assisting in the preparation of cases by the government against importers in the collection of duties. Work
1902/00/00 James Mulligan writes "In Kentucky" in the library of Maxwell Place, on yellow scratch paper and the first drafts, born in agony, were crumpled into the wastebasket, as he transferred the lilting lines to his antediluvian typewriter. Author In Kentucky Maxwell Place Lexington, KY
1903/10/00 James Mulligan gives his last Emmett-Powers speech in Lexington. Work
1909/04/04 James H Mulligan poem "Over the Hill to Hustonville" is published in the Lexington Leader. Author Over the Hill to Hustonville
1915/07/01 James Hillary Mulligan dies. He is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Lexington. Died
1928/00/00 Mulligan's daughter, Kathleen Mulligan was reputedly the first woman to sit as a judge in Kentucky upon her appointment as a Lexington municipal judge in 1928. She was also the first woman vice president of the Kentucky Bar Association. Family

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Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
In Kentucky Author Poem 1902/00/00
Over the Hill to Hustonville Author Poem 1909/04/04

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