Wilfred Nevill

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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1894/07/14 Wilfred Percy Nevill, son of a coal merchant, is born in Islington, London, United Kingdom . Born
1901/00/00 Wilfred Nevill lives on Somerset Road, Sea View, St Helens, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom. Home Nettlestone and Seaview Isle of Wight
1911/00/00 Wilfred "Billie" Nevill distinguishes himself at school. He was Head Boy, played in the 1st XV for Rugby, the 1st XI for Hockey, the 1st Running team and was Captain of the Cricket XI at Dover College. In 1911, he lived at School House. Education The School Hall Dover College Dover
1914/08/00 At the start of the Great War, Nevill immediately joins up with the East Yorkshire Regiment, but since they had a full complement of officers, he is transferred to the East Surreys. English Captain
1914/08/00 Wilfred Nevill attends Jesus College, Cambridge, where he plays hockey. Education Jesus College Cambridge
1916/05/00 On leave in London, Nevill and his fellow Royal 8th East Surrey Regiment officers buy two leather footballs (soccer balls) as a ploy to bolster morale when their troops are under fire. English Captain Battle of the Somme
1916/06/30 As I write, the shells are fairly haring over - you know one gets just sort of bemused after a few million, .... So long, old thing, don't worry if you don't hear for a bit. I'm as happy as ever. Yrs ever, Bill - Letter to his sister English Captain
1916/07/01 Climbing from a trench at Carnoy, Captain Nevill kicks his soccer ball into No Man's land. He had offered a prize to whoever kicks the first ball into a German trench. Within the first minutes of the battle, 7 of his officers are killed. English Captain Battle of the Somme
1916/07/01 Captain Nevill and the East Surreys kick the balls and fight their way to German defenses near the village of Montauban. English Captain Battle of the Somme
1916/07/01 Montauban Alley is captured by the 18th Division, but Captain Wilfred Nevill's is killed by machine gun fire just short of the German wire. Captain Nevill is buried at Carnoy, France. Died Hauts-de-France France Battle of the Somme
1918/00/00 Captain Wilfred Neville and 119 others are commemorated on the war memorial in the grounds of St Mary's Church Twickenham and on the Roll of Honour inside the church. In Memoriam Church Of St Mary Twickenham
2015/00/00 Both of Nevill's footballs were retrieved from the battlefield and preserved by the regiment. One survives at Dover Castle and the other was lost in 2015 during a fire at Clandon Park, home of the Surrey Infantry Museum. In Memoriam Dover Castle Dover Battle of the Somme
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