Gen Benjamin Lincoln

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Town clerk and justice of the peace in Hingham, Massachusetts, Benjamin Lincoln was also a leader of the county militia prior to and in the early years of the war. After serving in the Northern Theater, Lincoln was appointed commander of the Southern Army. He sparred with British forces for 18 months before being ordered to defend Charleston, South Carolina, at all costs. He held out for six weeks before finally being forced to accept harsh terms for the surrender of his army and the city in May 1780.

Lincoln was paroled and exchanged later that same year. He rejoined the army and commanded one of Washington's three divisions for the Yorktown campaign. He was also overall commander of the American wing of the Allied army. As second in command of the American forces, Lincoln accepted the surrender sword from British General O'Hara, Cornwallis' second in command.

Lincoln was appointed Secretary of War on October 30, 1781. He held the position until the end of the war in 1783. After the war, he held a variety of state and Federal posts until retiring from public life in March 1809. He returned to his hometown of Hingham where he died the following year. - NPS



Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1733/01/24 Elizabeth Thaxter, wife of Benjamin Lincoln, gives birth to a son, Bela Lincoln, in Hingham, Massachusetts Bay Colony. Born Gen Benjamin Lincoln House Hingham, MA
1775/04/17 Patriots meet at Mr Taylor's house (lost) in Concord. COMMITTEE OF SAFETY: John Hancock, Col Heath, Col Palmer, Cap White, Mr Devens, Col Gardner, Mr Watson, Col Orne, J Pigeon. COMMITTEE OF SUPPLIES: Col Lee, Mr Gill, Mr Cheever, Mr Gerry, Col Lincoln. Patriot Committee of Supplies Battles of Lexington and Concord
1777/01/27 Continental Army under Benjamin Lincoln encamped in Wickers Creek Ravine to avoid a snowstorm while the general stayed at John Hyatt's farmhouse. Patriot General Hyatt-Livingston House Greenburgh, NY
1777/04/13 British launched a surprise attack on the American patriots American Commander Old Stone Arch Bridge Middlesex Battle of Bound Brook
1777/04/13 British launched a surprise attack on the American patriots American Commander Old Stone Arch Bridge Bound Brook Battle of Bound Brook
1780/05/12 Major General Lincoln surrenders his 5,000 Patriots to the British Army. C C Pinckney will be a prisoner of war until his release in 1782. Prisoner of War Siege of Charleston
1780/11/00 Major General Lincoln is exchanged for the British Major General William Phillips and returns to the Continental Army. Prisoner of War Siege of Charleston
1781/10/19 British garrison at Yorktown marches to Surrender Field to lay down their arms. One hour later, the garrison at Gloucester Point surrenders. American Commander Yorktown Battlefield Yorktown, VA Siege of Yorktown
1783/11/00 Benjamin Lincoln, one of the most famous men in America, returns home to Hingham with a permanent, painful limp from an ankle shattered in combat. Home Gen Benjamin Lincoln House Hingham, MA
1784/00/00 Family friend of the Washingtons, Benjamin Lincoln, recommends his nephew, Tobias Lear, as tutor and secretary at Mount Vernon. Advisor Mount Vernon Estate, VA Mt Vernon, VA
1786/00/00 Benjamin Lincoln, Thomas Russell and John Lowell of Boston purchase two townships, which will become Dennysville, Pembroke and Perry. Owner Dennysville Maine
1787/02/02 In pursuit of Shays rebels, Gen Lincoln arrives in Pelham, about 30 miles (48 km) from Petersham. Massachusetts Militia Leader Pelham Town Hall Historic District Pelham
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