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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Inventor Thomas Edison National Historical Park West Orange
Significant name Edison Storage Battery Company Building West Orange
Home Thomas Edison Winter Estate Fort Myers
1847/02/11 Thomas Edison is born in Milan, Ohio Born Thomas Alva Edison Birthplace Milan Thomas Edison's Birthday
1854/00/00 Thomas A Edison home, 1854 to 1863 Home Thomas A Edison Boyhood Homesite Port Huron
1859/00/00 Thomas Edison sell newspapers and snacks (news butcher) out of the Fort Gratiot depot, 1859-1863. Work Grand Trunk Western Railroad Depot Port Huron
1862/08/00 Thomas Edison saves a three-year-old boy from being hit by a railroad box car. Hero Grand Trunk Western Railroad, Mount Clemens Station Mount Clemens
1869/00/00 Thomas Edison moves to New York City where he continues working on inventions related to the telegraph. Short on funds, Edison trades tea leaves for a breakfast of baked apple dumplings which will remain his favorite food. Life Apple Dumpling
1876/00/00 Edison establishes Menlo Park laboratory, the world's first organized research and development site. Edison and his staff would create 400 of his most important inventions here. Edison fondly nickname his 'Invention Factory'. Inventor Thomas A Edison Memorial Tower Edison
1876/07/00 Thomas Edison exhibits his telegraph at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. Inventor Centennial Exposition
1878/07/00 Thomas Edison's megaphone and phonograph are exhibited at the Exposition Universelle. 1878 Exposition Universelle
1880/01/27 Thomas Edison receives a patent for an incandescent lamp, soon to be a commercially viable electric light bulb. Inventor Invention of Public Electricity Supply
1881/00/00 Thomas Edison demonstrates the benefits of electric lights in London. Inventor Invention of Public Electricity Supply
1882/09/04 At the Drexel, Morgan and Co headquarters (lost) at 23 Wall Street, Thomas Edison switches on 600 electric lights throughout the building, shining a light on the future of illumination. Inventor J P Morgan and Co Building New York City Invention of Public Electricity Supply
1888/00/00 Thomas Edison inspects the electric lighting installation at the Hotel Del Coronado. Engineeer Hotel Del Coronado Coronado
1889/09/10 Thomas Edison visits the tower Eiffel Tower. Visitor Eiffel Tower Paris 1889 Exposition Universelle
1904/00/00 1,090 room Bellevue-Stratford Hotel opens featuring a ballroom, a marble and hand-worked iron elliptical staircase, delicate lighting fixtures designed by Thomas Edison and stained glass transoms, Venetian windows and sky-lights by Alfred Godwin. Engineer Bellevue Stratford Hotel Philadelphia, PA
1908/08/13 Thomas A Edison patents a method to construct homes of concrete formed with one continuous pour using cast iron molds. Inventor Vinkenbaan 14 Santpoort-Zuid History of Prefabricated Homes
1920/11/17 Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone camp with Burroughs at Slabsides. Burroughs cooks dinner, Brigand Steak - chunks of beef alternated with bacon on a stick, grilled over an open flame. Visitor Slabsides (John Burroughs Cabin) West Park Robber Steak
1924/08/20 Industrialist Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Russell Firestone, stand by as President Coolidge signs an old oak sap bucket at the Wayside Inn. Visitor Longfellow's Wayside Inn Sudbury, MA
1926/05/13 All local schools are closed at noon to allow children to take part in the cornerstone ceremony of Edison Park School. Dignitaries Thomas Alva Edison, and his wife, Mina, plant a Cuban laurel tree to mark the occasion. Dignitary Edison Park Elementary School Fort Myers
1930/09/03 Thomas Edison drives an Lackawanna Railroad, New Jersey Transit predecessor, electric train from Hoboken Terminal to South Orange station. Engineer South Orange Station South Orange Invention of Electric Railway
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