Themes with Collis P Huntington


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1821/10/22 Elizabeth Vincent Huntington, wife of William H Huntington, gives birth to a son, Collis Potter Huntington, in Harwinton, Connecticut where Huntington Brook flows into Leadmine Brook, an area known as Poverty Hollow. Born Harwinton, CT Connecticut
1834/00/00 After the Huntingtons became so destitute, the town selectmen remove Collis and an older brother Solon from the family home and place them with local farmers. "We were rudely moved and had to like it." CPH Life
1838/00/00 Collis Huntington earns enough money from chores and odd jobs for neighbors, to receive $3000 in credit form a New York bank to buy merchandise, and begins peddling his goods. Collis probably worked with Daniel Curtiss in Woodbury. Work Jabez Bacon Store Woodbury
1844/00/00 Collis Huntington partners with his older brother in Solon's hardware store (lost) on Main St in Oneonta, New York. Collis invests enough capital to be able to name the business "S and C P Huntington". Work Oneonta Downtown Historic District Oneonta, NY
1844/00/00 Elizabeth Stoddard, of Cornwall, Connecticut, marries Collis Huntington, a distant cousin. Groom
1849/03/00 The CRESCENT CITY sails from New York to Panama with goods for C P Huntington. With his cargo delayed in Panama for three months awaiting a ship bound for San Francisco, he engages in trading, realizing profits of over $3,000 during the wait. Work Panama Canal Panama California Gold Rush
1850/04/00 In the Spring of 1850, C P Huntington arrives in San Francisco and moves to Sacramento where he opens a store with Daniel Hammond under the firm name of "Huntington, Hammond and Co" at 54 K Street. Work Big Four House, Sacramento Sacramento
1852/12/15 Having rebuilt his brick store at 54 K Street, C P Huntington reopens with Daniel Hammond as partner in "Huntington, Hammond and Co". Their next door neighbor to the east is the Stanford Brothers and two doors to the west is Hopkins and Miller. Owner Big Four House, Sacramento Sacramento
1853/05/01 C P Huntington forms a partnership with Florian A Massol as "Huntington, Massol and Co". This association will survive until May of 1855 when Massol quits to form a new partnership with Henry Merwin at 84-86 J Street. Work Old Sacramento Sacramento
1855/05/01 C P Huntington and Mark Hopkins form the business partnership of Huntington and Hopkins. Huntington will use the 2nd floor of 54 K Street as living quarters until his duties as Vice President of the Central Pacific Railroad required him to move. Work Big Four House, Sacramento Sacramento
1884/00/00 Henry and Arabella Huntington sell their furnished townhouse to John D Rockefeller, originally at 4 W 54th St, Manhattan, NYC. Seller Worsham-Rockefeller Master bedroom Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
1884/07/12 Arabella Worsham marries Collis Huntington in New York City Groom Marriage of Arabella Worsham and Collis Huntington
1895/00/00 C P Huntington buys Pine Knott Home Camp Pine Knot Town of Long Lake
1900/08/04 C P Huntington dies of heart disease at his Adirondack Camp, Pine Knot, leaving about $15 million of his $50 million to Arabella and some $25 million to his nephew Henry E Huntington. Died Camp Pine Knot Town of Long Lake
1900/08/18 The services at the funeral of the late Collis P Huntington, at the Fifth avenue residence today, marked with simplicity, are conducted by Rev A Woodruff Halsey, of the Presbyterian Board of Missions, in the drawing room. In Memoriam Tiffany and Co Flagship Store New York City Funeral of the Late C P Huntington
1900/08/18 A special train, consisting of two cars with Huntington's immediate family and his most intimate friends, leaves Grand Central station a few minutes after noon in charge of Assistant Superintendent Van Tassel. In Memoriam Grand Central Terminal New York City Funeral of the Late C P Huntington
1900/08/18 The burial is strictly private, only the immediate family and its most intimate friends of the late Mr Huntington are at his interment in the Huntington mausoleum in Woodlawn Cemetery. In Memoriam Woodlawn Cemetery New York City Funeral of the Late C P Huntington
1919/00/00 Hannah N Haviland, wife of John T Haviland, a San Francisco banker and the sister of the first wife of industrialist Collis P Huntington dies at age 94. She bequeaths $250,000 to UC for the construction of the library. Relation Haviland Hall Berkeley
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