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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1843/04/15 Henry James is born at 2 Washington Place, New York City Born Henry James's Birthday
1871/00/00 A Passionate Pilgrim - published Author A Passionate Pilgrim
1875/00/00 A Passionate Pilgrim and Other Tales - published Author A Passionate Pilgrim and Other Tales
1876/09/00 "The Ghostly Rental" by Henry James is conjure up in Scribner's Monthly. Author The Ghostly Rental (short story)
1878/06/00 Henry James' "Daisy Miller" begins serialization in Cornhill Magazine. Author Daisy Miller (book)
1880/00/00 "Washington Square" is serialized in Cornhill Magazine and Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Author Washington Square (book)
1881/00/00 The Portrait of a Lady - published Author The Portrait of a Lady (book)
1886/00/00 Henry James moves to De Vere Gardens in Kensington. Living here until about 1898, he will give up the lease in 1902. Home Hale House, Kensington London
1887/01/00 Henry James hears the story of how Edward Silsbee became a lodger with Claire Clairmont and her niece Paulina in Florence to obtain private letters written by Lord Byron and Percy Shelley. Author The Aspern Papers (book)
1887/03/00 In the spring of 1887 while staying in the Villa Brichieri-Colombi on Bellosguardo, Henry James begins writing "The Aspern Papers". James' hostess during his eight month stay is Constance Fenimore Woolson who has a year's lease on the villa. Author The Aspern Papers (book)
1888/00/00 Henry James finishes "The Aspern Papers" while staying in Venice at the Palazzo Barbaro, a villa owned by Daniel and Ariana Curtis. The desk that Henry James wrote at is still in the Palazzo Barbaro. Author The Aspern Papers (book) Palazzi Barbaro, Venice Venice
1891/00/00 Brooksmith - published Author Brooksmith
1891/03/00 "The Pupil" is published in Longman's Magazine. Author The Pupil (James story)
1892/04/16 "The Real Thing" is syndicated by S S McClure in various American newspapers and then published in the British publication 'Black and White' in April 1892. Author The Real Thing (short story)
1893/05/00 "The Middle Years", a short story by Henry James, squeeze into Scribner's Magazine. Author The Middle Years (short story)
1895/01/10 At Addington Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury Edward W Benson tells Henry James an anecdote about a young children haunted by the ghosts of a pair of servants who wish them ill. Author The Turn of the Screw (book) Addington Palace (Royal School Of Church Music) Croydon
1896/01/00 "The Figure in the Carpet" is published in two parts in the periodical Cosmopolis in January - February 1896. Author The Figure in the Carpet
1897/00/00 Whilst Lamb House is under renovation, James writes "The Turn of the Screw" at his London apartment. Author The Turn of the Screw (book) Hale House, Kensington London
1897/00/00 What Maisie Knew - published Author What Maisie Knew
1897/00/00 Henry James leases Lamb House (buying it in 1899) making it his home until 1916. Home Lamb House Rye
1898/01/27 Collier's Weekly begins serializing the first of twelve parts of "The Turn of the Screw". The title illustration by John La Farge depicts the governess with her arm around Miles. Author The Turn of the Screw (book)
1902/00/00 The Wings of the Dove - published Author The Wings of the Dove Lamb House Rye
1903/00/00 The Ambassadors - published Author The Ambassadors Lamb House Rye
1903/02/23 "The Beast in the Jungle" is published in the short story collection, The Better Sort. Author The Beast in the Jungle
1904/10/00 Howard Sturgis and Henry James visit The Mount. James wrote "I am very happy here, surrounded by every loveliness of nature and every luxury of art and treated with a benevolence that brings tears to my eyes." Visitor The Mount Lenox, MA
1904/11/10 Written at Lamb House, Henry James's "The Golden Bowl" is published in New York by Charles Scribner's Sons in two volumes. Author The Golden Bowl (book) Lamb House Rye
1905/06/10 James arrives at The Belvedere by horse-drawn cab. "I alighted at a large fresh peaceful hostelry, imposingly modern yet quietly affable, and, having recognized the deep, soft general note, even from my windows, as that of a kind of mollified vivacity..." Visitor The Belvedere and the Owl Bar Baltimore, MD
1905/06/11 Staying perhaps a few days, Henry James avoids the downtown area, then known as the Burnt District because of the 1904 Baltimore Fire, but does visit the new suburb of Roland Park. Visitor Roland Park Historic District Baltimore, MD
1905/06/11 Sometime during his Baltimore visit, Henry James wanders Druid Hill Park. Visitor Druid Hill Park Baltimore, MD
1905/06/11 I mounted, in the golden June light, the neatest, amplest, emptiest street-vista, the builded side of a steepish hill, and, having come in due course to a spacious summit, laid out with monumental elegance and completely void.... HJ Visitor Washington Monument, Baltimore Baltimore, MD
1905/06/11 So I walked around that dear little city looking for the peculiar parts -- all with the singular effect of rather failing to find them and with my impression of felicity at the same time persistently growing,... HJ Visitor Mount Vernon Place Historic District Baltimore, MD
1905/06/11 Late in one of the days of his Baltimore visit, James stops by the Carroll House, which is not clearly identified, but is likely to be Homewood, the mansion on the grounds of the Johns Hopkins University on N Charles St. Visitor Homewood Baltimore, MD
1908/12/01 "The Jolly Corner" by Henry James is published in the magazine 'The English Review'. Author The Jolly Corner
1916/02/28 Henry James dies at home - 21 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London Died 20-25 Cheyne Walk Cheyne Walk and Embankment Death of Henry James

163 Creative Works by Henry James »

Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
A Tragedy of Error Author Book 1864/00/00
The Story of a Year Author Book 1865/00/00
A Day of Days Author Book 1866/00/00
A Landscape Painter Author Book 1866/00/00
Poor Richard Author Book 1867/00/00
A Most Extraordinary Case Author Book 1868/00/00
The Story of a Masterpiece Author Book 1868/00/00
A Problem Author Book 1868/00/00
De Grey: A Romance Author Book 1868/00/00
Osborne's Revenge Author Book 1868/00/00
The Romance of Certain Old Clothes (short story) Author Short Story 1868/02/00
A Light Man Author Book 1869/00/00
Gabrielle de Bergerac Author Book 1869/00/00
Travelling Companions Author Book 1870/00/00
A Passionate Pilgrim Author Short Story 1871/00/00
At Isella Author Book 1871/00/00
Master Eustace Author Book 1871/00/00
Watch and Ward Author Book 1871/00/00
Guest's Confession Author Book 1872/00/00
The Sweetheart of M Briseux Author Book 1873/00/00
The Madonna of the Future Author Book 1873/03/00
Professor Fargo Author Book 1874/00/00
Adina Author Book 1874/00/00
The Last of the Valerii Author Short Story 1874/01/00
Madame de Mauves Author Short Story 1874/02/00
Eugene Pickering Author Short Story 1874/10/00
Roderick Hudson (book) Author Novel 1875/00/00
A Passionate Pilgrim and Other Tales Author Short Story Collection 1875/00/00
Benvolio Author Book 1875/00/00
Transatlantic Sketches Author Book 1875/04/29
Crawford's Consistency Author Book 1876/00/00
The Ghostly Rental (short story) Author Short Story 1876/09/00
Four Meetings (short story) Author Short Story 1877/00/00
The American (book) Author Novel 1877/05/05
Longstaff's Marriage Author Book 1878/00/00
Rose-Agathe Author Book 1878/00/00
An International Episode Author Book 1878/00/00
The Europeans Author Book 1878/00/00
French Poets and Novelists Author Book 1878/00/00
Daisy Miller (book) Author Mezzobula 1878/06/00
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
Confidence Author Book 1879/00/00
The Pension Beaurepas Author Book 1879/00/00
A Bundle of Letters Author Short Story 1879/00/00
A Diary of a Man of Fifty (short story) Author Short Story 1879/07/00
Hawthorne (James book) Author Book 1879/12/12
Washington Square (book) Author Book 1880/00/00
The Portrait of a Lady (book) Author Book 1881/00/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
The Point of View Author Book 1882/00/00
Impressions of a Cousin Author Book 1883/00/00
Portraits of Places Author Book 1883/00/00
The Siege of London Author Book 1883/00/00
The Author of Beltraffio Author Book 1884/00/00
The Path of Duty Author Book 1884/00/00
Georgina's Reasons Author Book 1884/00/00
Lady Barbarina Author Book 1884/00/00
Pandora Author Book 1884/00/00
A Little Tour in France Author Book 1884/00/00
A New England Winter Author Book 1884/08/00
The Bostonians (book) Author Novel 1886/00/00
The Princess Casamassima Author Book 1886/00/00
Mrs Temperly Author Book 1887/00/00
The Lesson of the Master Author Book 1888/00/00
The Liar Author Book 1888/00/00
Louisa Pallant Author Book 1888/00/00
The Patagonia Author Book 1888/00/00
Partial Portraits Author Book 1888/00/00
The Reverberator Author Book 1888/00/00
The Solution Author Book 1888/00/00
The Aspern Papers (book) Author Mezzobula 1888/03/00
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
A London Life (book) Author Novella 1888/06/00
The Tragic Muse Author Book 1890/00/00
Brooksmith Author Short Story 1891/00/00
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
Sir Edmund Orme Author Book 1891/00/00
The Chaperon Author Book 1891/00/00
The Marriages Author Book 1891/00/00
The Pupil (James story) Author Short Story 1891/03/00
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
Nona Vincent Author Book 1892/00/00
Owen Wingrave Author Book 1892/00/00
The Wheel of Time Author Book 1892/00/00
Collaboration Author Book 1892/00/00
Sir Dominick Ferrand Author Book 1892/00/00
Greville Fane Author Book 1892/00/00
The Private Life (James short story) Author Short Story 1892/04/00
Lord Beaupre (book) Author Mezzobula 1892/04/00
The Real Thing (short story) Author Short Story 1892/04/16
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
The Visits (James short story) Author Short Story 1892/05/28
Terminations Author Book 1893/00/00
The Real Thing and Other Stories Author Short Story Collection 1893/00/00
Essays in London and Elsewhere Author Collection of Essays 1893/00/00
Picture and Text Author Essay 1893/00/00
The Middle Years (short story) Author Short Story 1893/05/00
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
Theatricals Author Book 1894/00/00
The Coxon Fund Author Book 1894/00/00
The Death of the Lion Author Book 1894/00/00
Theatricals: Second Series Author Book 1895/00/00
The Altar of the Dead Author Book 1895/00/00
The Next Time Author Book 1895/00/00
Guy Domville Author Book 1895/10/00
Glasses Author Book 1896/00/00
The Other House Author Book 1896/00/00
The Way It Came Author Book 1896/00/00
The Figure in the Carpet Author Mezzobula 1896/01/00
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
The Spoils of Poynton Author Book 1897/00/00
What Maisie Knew Author Book 1897/00/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
Covering End (book) Author Mezzobula 1898/00/00
In the Cage Author Book 1898/00/00
The Two Magics (story collection) Author Omnibus 1898/00/00
John Delavoy Author Book 1898/00/00
The Given Case Author Book 1898/00/00
The Turn of the Screw (book) Author Novella 1898/01/27
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
The Great Condition Author Book 1899/00/00
The Real Right Thing Author Book 1899/00/00
Paste Author Book 1899/00/00
The Awkward Age Author Book 1899/00/00
Europe (James short story) Author Short Story 1899/06/00
The Third Person Author Book 1900/00/00
The Abasement of the Northmores Author Book 1900/00/00
The Tone of Time Author Short Story 1900/00/00
The Great Good Place Author Book 1900/00/00
The Tree of Knowledge Author Book 1900/00/00
Broken Wings Author Short Story 1900/00/00
The Two Faces Author Short Story 1900/00/00
Maud-Evelyn Author Book 1900/00/00
The Special Type Author Short Story 1900/00/00
Miss Gunton of Poughkeepsie Author Book 1900/00/00
The Soft Side Author Book 1900/08/00
The Beldonald Holbein Author Short Story 1901/00/00
The Sacred Fount Author Book 1901/00/00
Mrs Medwin Author Short Story 1901/00/00
The Wings of the Dove Author Book 1902/00/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
Flickerbridge Author Short Story 1902/00/00
The Story in It Author Short Story 1902/00/00
The Birthplace Author Short Story 1903/00/00
The Papers Author Short Story 1903/00/00
The Ambassadors Author Book 1903/00/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
The Beast in the Jungle Author Mezzobula 1903/02/23
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
The Better Sort Author Short Story Collection 1903/02/26
William Wetmore Story and His Friends Author Book 1903/10/07
Fordham Castle Author Book 1904/00/00
The Golden Bowl (book) Author Novel 1904/11/10
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
English Hours Author Book 1905/00/00
The American Scene Author Book 1907/00/00
The Whole Family Author Book 1908/00/00
Views and Reviews Author Book 1908/00/00
Julia Bride Author Book 1908/00/00
The Jolly Corner Author Short Story 1908/12/01
  • 1000 Notable Short Stories, True Tales and Mezzobulas
Mora Montravers Author Book 1909/00/00
New York Edition Author Omnibus 1909/00/00
The Bench of Desolation Author Book 1909/00/00
Crapy Cornelia Author Book 1909/00/00
The Velvet Glove Author Book 1909/00/00
Italian Hours (book) Author Travelogue 1909/10/28
  • 1000 or so Notable Essays, Treatises and Eruditions
A Round of Visits Author Book 1910/00/00
The Outcry Author Book 1911/00/00
A Small Boy and Others Author Book 1913/03/29
Notes of a Son and Brother Author Book 1914/03/07
Notes on Novelists Author Book 1914/10/14
The Ivory Tower Author Book 1917/00/00
The Sense of the Past Author Book 1917/00/00
The Middle Years (Henry James autobiography) Author Book 1917/10/18
Within the Rim and other essays, 1914-1915 Author Florilegium 1918/00/00
A Most Unholy Trade: Being letters on the drama Author Book 1923/00/00
The Art of the Novel: Critical Prefaces Author Florilegium 1934/00/00

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