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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1737/01/23 John Hancock in Braintree, Massachusetts, the son of Col John Hancock Jr of Braintree and Mary Hawke Thaxter. The site became the Adams Academy in Quincy, Massachusetts. Born Adams Academy Quincy John Hancock's Birthday
1744/00/00 Master Hancock moves into grandfather's house in Lexington. Home Hancock-Clarke House Lexington, MA
1760/00/00 John Hancock operates a counting house in the Gardiner Building, built in the 1760s. Buisness Long Wharf and Customhouse Block Boston
1766/05/16 Brig Harrison arrives in Boston, belonging to John Hancock, Esq. Captain Shaubael Coffin in 6 Weeks and 2 Days from LONDON, with important News: His Majesty gives his Royal Assent to An ACT to REPEAL the Stamp Act. Ship Owner The Stamp Act Long Wharf and Customhouse Block Boston
1767/00/00 Hancock House is probably rebuilt soon after 1767 for developer John Hancock. Owner Ebenezer Hancock House Boston
1774/00/00 John Hancock leads the Second Congress on a site the First Parish Church Meeting House occupies today. Patriot First Parish in Concord Concord, MA
1775/03/05 Samuel Adams moderates an anual meeting at the Old South Meeting House commemorating the Boston Massacre. Speakers included Dr Joseph Warren, John Hancock, Benjamin Church and James Lovell. Speaker Old South Meetinghouse Boston
1775/04/19 About midnight: Paul Revere arrives at Lexington warning John Hancock and Samuel Adams they are about to be arrested. American Patriot to be arrested Hancock-Clarke House Lexington, MA The Midnight Ride
1775/05/10 Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia from 5 October 1775 until 12 December 1776 Represented Massachusetts Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA Second Continental Congress
1775/05/24 John Hancock is unanimously elected President of Congress. President of Continental Congress Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA Second Continental Congress
1775/10/28 This evening at the seat of Thaddeus Burr, Esq, at Fairfield Conn, by the Reverend Mr Eliot, the Hon John Hancock Esq, President of the Continental Congress, weds Miss Dorothy Quincy, daughter of Edmund Quincy Esq of Boston. Groom Thaddeus Burr Homestead Fairfield Marriage of Dorothy Quincy and John Hancock
1777/11/15 Congress passes the Articles of Confederation Representing Massachusetts Articles of Confederation Colonial Court House York Second Continental Congress
1778/07/09 The second engrossed copy of the Articles of Confederation is signed and ratified by the delegates from eight states: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina. Signer, Representing Massachusetts Articles of Confederation Second Continental Congress
1780/00/00 Hancock Chariot is captured by Americans at sea and later given to Hancock, who uses it as his vehicle. Owner Hancock Chariot Quincy Homestead
1780/10/25 John Hancock is inaugurated as the first Commonwealth Governor in the State House Council Chamber. Governor Old State House Boston
1788/01/30 Due to a bout of gout, John Hancock arrives at the Massachusetts Convention. He has not announced his stance on the Constitution. Delegate Massachusetts Ratifying Convention
1790/00/00 John Hancock owns a warehouse and a wharf just east of Sewall's bridge in York, late 1780's and early 1790's. Owner John Hancock Warehouse, York York
1791/06/24 Judge Johnathan Sayward, a Royalist, host John Hancock at his residence on the York River in York, Maine. Guest Sayward-Wheeler House, York York
1793/11/08 John Hancock dies on 8 November 1793. He is buried at Granary Burying Ground Died Granary Burying Ground Boston
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