Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1781/10/13 Charlotte Drayton is born at the Oaks in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Born Oaks Golf and Country Club Goose Creek
1800/05/27 Charlotte Drayton marries Joseph Manigault at Drayton Hall in St Andrew's Parish, Charleston, South Carolina. Bride Drayton Hall Charleston, SC Marriage of Charlotte Drayton and Joseph Manigault
1801/00/00 Edward G Malbone creates a watercolor on ivory of Mrs Joseph Manigault (Charlotte Drayton), c 1801. This miniature stayed in the Manigault family along with a miniature of her husband, which Malbone painted in 1802. Smithsonian American Art Museum. Home, Subject Joseph Manigault House Charleston, SC
1845/00/00 Charlotte Manigault meticulously conducts business on behalf of her husband (who died in 1843) and sons, by meeting with clients, regulating finances and surveying downtown markets. Work
1855/00/00 Charlotte Drayton Manigault dies in Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina. She is buried at the French Protestant Huguenot Church Cemetery, Charleston. Died Huguenot Church Charleston, SC
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