Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1727/00/00 A Georgian style, brick, plantation house is erected for Charles Carroll. Home Doughoregan Manor Ellicott City, MD
1730/00/00 St Paul's parish moves to Lot 19 in the Original Survey of 1730. The north end of which is bought from Charles Carroll of Annapolis. The current St Paul's Church is located in the northwest corner of the original platted lot. Owner St Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church Baltimore, MD
1735/00/00 Charles Craycroft, son and heir of Ignatius, mortgages 500 acres, together with a contiguous tract of 100 acres called The Denyal, to Charles Carroll Esq of Annapolis, administrator of the estate of Daniel Carroll of Duddington Manor. Trustee Truman's Place Hughesville
1761/00/00 Accused of embezzling nearly to 1,000 pounds, Naval Officer Henry Darnall and his son, Henry Darnall IV, mortgage Poplar Hill to Charles Carroll of Annapolis before fleeing the colony for Europe. Owner His Lordship's Kindness Clinton
1772/00/00 Henry Darnall IV is executed in Canada. His wife, Rachel, and their daughter, Mary (Molly), move in with Charles Carroll of Annapolis. Rachel was Mrs Carroll's nurse in her last illness. Employer His Lordship's Kindness Clinton
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