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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1736/07/17 Maria Magdalena vom Berg, wife of Johann Jacob Astor, gives birth to a son, Johann Jakob Astor, in Walldorf, in the Electoral Palatinate. Born Baden-Wurttemberg Germany John Jacob Astor's Birthday
1808/00/00 John Jacob Astor establishes American Fur Company in New York. Work
1832/00/00 LaGrange Terrace, a row of 9 mansions, is originally built with central heating, indoor toilets, bathing rooms, and both hot and cold running water by Seth Green (or Geer or Greer), an Albany builder and speculator. Developer LaGrange Terrace New York City
1835/00/00 John Jacob Astor plats the Town of Astor on the Fox River. Developer Astor Historic District Green Bay, WI
1840/00/00 John Jacob Astor buys an estate of about 125 acres of land west of the Albany Post Road. Astor almost immediately makes a gift of this purchase to his daughter Dorothea Langdon and her five children. Buyer Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site Hyde Park, NY
1848/03/29 John Jacob Astor dies. Died John Jacob Astor's Funeral
1848/04/01 The funeral of the late John Jacob Astor is held at St Thomas Church (lost). In Memoriam St Thomas Church and Parish House New York City John Jacob Astor's Funeral
1848/04/01 John Jacob Astor is buried in the Astor Vault at the Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum. In Memoriam Chapel of the Intercession Complex and Trinity Cemetery New York City John Jacob Astor's Funeral
1854/01/09 Astor Library opens, with help from book collector and librarian Joseph Green Cogswell and $400,000 from John Jacob Astor, designed by architect, Alexander Saeltzer. Benefactor New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater New York City
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