Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1751/03/16 James Madison born at Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway, Virginia (home lost) Born Belle Grove Port Conway James Madison's Birthday
1775/11/10 Hampden-Sydney College opens. Hampden-Sydney's charter trustees include Patrick Henry and James Madison. Trustee Hampden-Sydney College Hampden Sydney, VA
1787/00/00 James Madison authors 28 essays of the Federalist Papers 1787-1788 Author Federalist Papers Publishing of the Federalist Papers
1787/05/29 Edmund Randolph submits The Virginia Plan Drafter of The Virginia Plan Virginia Plan Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA Constitutional Convention
1789/04/30 Following his inauguration George Washington walks up Broadway to St Paul's for the service. John Adams and both houses of congress which included future president James Madison and future vice president Elbridge Gerry, also attend. Congressman St Paul's Chapel New York City Inauguration of the first President of the United States
1789/09/25 Adopted Co-author United States Bill of Rights Federal Hall National Memorial New York City
1790/09/00 Along with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison climbs the steps to the State House dome's balcony led by Thomas Lee Shippen, and Shippen's friend, Dr Schaaf. Visitor Maryland Statehouse Annapolis, MD
1794/09/15 Dolley Payne Todd marries James Madison Groom Harewood Charles Town Marriage of Dolley Payne and James Madison
1802/03/22 US Supreme Court orders Secretary of State James Madison to deliver commission to Marbury Secretary of State Marbury v Madison
1805/03/12 Thomas Jefferson celebrates his second inauguration at Gadsby's Tavern. US Vice President Panel from the Ballroom at Gadsby's Tavern, Alexandria, Virginia Gadsby's Tavern Alexandria
1805/10/25 Letter from Dolly, still in Philadelphia, to husband James - I have nothing new to tell you. The knee is mending, and I sit just you left me. The doctor, during his short visits, talks of you. He regards you more than any man he knows... Adieu, my beloved Husband Dolly Madison's Injured Knee
1808/00/00 Visitor Preston House Saltville
1808/05/09 President James Madison is honored at a dinner at Gadsby's Tavern. Guest Panel from the Ballroom at Gadsby's Tavern, Alexandria, Virginia Gadsby's Tavern Alexandria
1809/03/04 4th President of the United States: 4 March 1809 - 4 March 1817 The White House Washington, DC
1809/03/04 James Madison gives his First Inaugural Address as Presidential of the United States. US President The National Statuary Hall United States Capitol First Inauguration of James Madison
1814/08/24 Captain Robert Dade, in Cramer's Detachment of Maryland Militia, battles the British at Bladensburg. Witness Colmar Manor Maryland Battle of Bladensburg
1814/08/24 On a fresh horse, Madison escapes from Washington by taking the Georgetown Ferry to Mason's Island and crosses over the Causeway into Virginia. He then travels the Georgetown Road to the Alexandria and Leesburg Road. US President Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial Washington, DC Battle of Bladensburg
1814/08/24 President James Madison stops at Wren Tavern on Broad Street (razed). Madison may have actually stayed at Longview. US President Longview Falls Church Battle of Bladensburg
1814/08/24 President Madison takes refuse at Salona, where he probably spends the night. US President Salona McLean Battle of Bladensburg
1814/09/00 The Octagon serves as the Executive Mansion for James and Dolley Madison September 1814 - October 1815 Home The Octagon Washington, DC
1815/02/17 Ratified and confirmed, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, President James Madison signs the Treaty of Ghent ratification papers. US President The Octagon Washington, DC Treaty of Gent
1815/07/00 After the restoration of peace, Mr Madison moves to establish through the patronage of the government, four foundries: in Georgetown, near Richmond in Virginia, Pittsburgh and one on the Hudson near West Point. US President West Point Foundry Preserve Cold Spring
1824/11/04 Lafayette arrives at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, "at the reposeful seat of his illustrious friend he was a week." Guest Monticello Charlottesville, VA Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America
1824/11/11 Marquis de Lafayette stays with the Madisons "where he received the limit of hospitality" Host Montpelier Montpelier Station Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America
1825/08/00 Marquis de Lafayette returns to Montpelier where he visits with 104 year old, retired slave, Granny Milly, her daughters and granddaughters (the youngest was 70). Host Montpelier Montpelier Station Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America
1828/08/22 Released on a plea of insolvency, Cutts agrees with the bank holding the mortgage to sell his house and lot to former President James Madison in satisfaction of a loan. The house and grounds were then appraised at 5,750 dollars. Owner Cutts-Madison House Washington, DC
1836/06/28 Died Final Resting Place Montpelier Montpelier Station Death of James Madison

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Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Federalist Papers Author 1787/00/00
Virginia Plan Drafter of The Virginia Plan Constitutional document 1787/05/29
United States Bill of Rights Co-author Constitutional document 1789/09/25
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