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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Significant name Noland House, Frank and Natalie Wallace House, George and May Wallace House and Garage Independence
Significant name Harry S Truman Home Independence
Significant name Truman, Harry S, Historic District Independence
Significant name Missouri Pacific Depot Independence
Significant name Trinity Episcopal Church Independence
Significant name Jackson County Courthouse Independence
Significant name Truman Family Farm Grandview
Significant name US Car No 1 Fort Lauderdale
Significant name Little White House Key West
1884/05/08 Born in Lamar, Missouri Born Harry Truman Birthplace Memorial Lamar Harry S Truman's Birthday
1945/07/17 July 17-25. At the Potsdam Conference, Winston Churchill, US President Harry Truman and Soviet Communist leader Joseph Stalin meet at Cecilienhof Palace to discuss Japan's surrender terms and Europe's post-war boundaries. US President Schloss Cecilienhof Potsdam World War II Ends
1945/08/06 American President Harry S Truman calls for Japan's surrender, warning to "expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth." American Commander-in-Chief Dropping the Atomic Bombs
1946/03/05 With Truman in attendance, Churchill delivers his 'Iron Curtain' speech at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Dignitary Sinews of Peace Westminster College Gymnasium Fulton Winston Churchill's 1946 American Tour
1948/06/06 In Cheyenne, Harry S Truman delivers an oration from the front porch of the Governor's Mansion. Dignitary Governor's Mansion Cheyenne
1948/07/26 Harry Truman signs Executive Order 9981, establishing "equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed services without regard to race, color, religion or national origin," leading to the desegregation of the American military. US President
1948/10/23 President Harry S Truman makes a speech at the Hunt Armory to the fellow Democrats of Allegheny County. Visitor Hunt Armory Pittsburgh
1949/10/24 At the foundation stone ceremony of the United Nations headquarters was laid in New York City, President Harry Truman delivers a speech emphasizing the need to make the common good a top priority. Dignitary Headquarters of the United Nations New York City
1950/05/09 Truman speaks at the Natrona County High School auditorium and attended dedication ceremonies for Kortes Dam. Dignitary Natrona County High School Casper
1950/06/10 Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is dedicated by Harry S Truman. Dignitary Jefferson National Expansion Memorial City of St Louis
1950/11/01 Two Puerto Rican pro-independence terroist attempt to assasinate President Harry S Truman at Blair House President Blair House Washington, DC
1952/00/00 Harry Truman signs Executive Order 10340, directing the Secretary of Commerce to take possession of American steel mills. The order stoping a threatened strike, which he considerder a military necessity. The Supreme Court struck down the Order. US President
1953/07/00 Former president Harry S Truman rides a stagecoach down Casper's 2nd Street in July 1953. Dignitary Casper Wyoming
1956/10/09 Presidents Harry S Truman and Dwight D Eisenhower both stay at the William Penn Hotel during their campaigns as Eisenhower gives a major speech in the hotel's ballroom, October 8-9, 1956. Visitor William Penn Hotel Pittsburgh
1964/04/19 Winston Churchill Memorial's groundbreaking ceremony Dignitary Winston Churchill Memorial Fulton
1972/12/26 Dies Died
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