Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1736/05/29 Sarah Winston Henry, wife of John Henry, gives birth to a son, Patrick Henry, on the family farm in Hanover County, Virginia. Born Patrick Henry's Birthplace Archeological Site Studley Patrick Henry's Birthday
1754/10/00 In the front parlor of the bride's family home, Reverend Patrick Henry presides over the ceremony to marry Sarah Shelton and his nephew, Patrick Henry. Groom Rural Plains Mechanicsville Marriage of Sarah Shelton and Patrick Henry
1757/04/00 In Spring, the main house is destroyed by fire. Patrick and Sarah, with their two young children, move into a small cabin on the property, now known as the Honeymoon Cottage. Home Pine Slash Studley
1757/10/00 The Henry family live in the cottage at Pine Slash for about six months before moving to Hanover Tavern where Patric Henry accepts a job as a barkeeper. Home Hanover Tavern Hanover
1758/06/00 Patrick Henry sells his slaves and opens a mercantile store. Henry hires a clerk and divides his own efforts between the tavern, store and farm. Work
1759/12/00 Patrick Henry takes his family to his parents house at Mount Brilliant for Christmas. They enjoy lively parties with wine, toddy, cider and lemon punch at the nearby home of Col Nathaniel West Dandridge on Turkey Creek. Life
1759/12/25 On his way to college, Thomas Jefferson spends the Christmas holidays at Col Dandridge's in Hanover. During the festivities of the season, Jefferson meets Patrick Henry in society everyday, where they become well acquainted. Life Patrick Henry Receives His Law License
1760/02/00 Patrick Henry reads, that is memorizes, law from borrowed books while living at Hanover Tavern. Located across the road from the county courthouse, the inn is frequented by lawyers, who impressed by Henry's intelligence convinced him to study law. Education Hanover Tavern Hanover Patrick Henry Receives His Law License
1760/04/00 In the spring, Patrick Henry travels to Williamsburg to obtain a license as a lawyer, and calls on Thomas Jefferson at College. Henry tells Jefferson he has been reading law only six weeks. Education Wren Building, College of William and Mary Williamsburg Patrick Henry Receives His Law License
1760/04/00 John and Peyton Randolph sign Patrick Henry's law license with as much reluctance as their dispositions would permit them to shew. Work Patrick Henry Receives His Law License
1760/05/00 Patrick Henry sells his struggling store to practice law. Work
1763/00/00 Significant name St John's Church Historic District Richmond
1763/12/01 Patrick Henry presents arguments challenging the authority of the King and questions the true motives of the clergy. Work Hanover County Courthouse Hanover Parson's Cause
1764/00/00 Patrick Henry farms the land at Pine Slash until he sells the property in 1764. Seller Pine Slash Studley
1765/00/00 Patrick Henry meets with Fairfield town elders at the Fairfield Inn. Henry was the nephew of the Lady of the House, Isabella Henry Miller. Visitor Fairfield Inn Fairfield
1765/05/29 Patrick Henry makes a speech before the Virginia House of Burgesses in favor of the Virginia Resolves: "Caesar had his Brutus, Charles I his Cromwell, and George III may profit by their example. If this be treason, make the most of it." Patriot The Stamp Act Colonial Williamsburg Williamsburg
1770/00/00 Rising Sun Tavern is a favorite meeting place of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason, Hugh Mercer, John Marshall, the Lees and others. Visitor Rising Sun Tavern Fredericksburg, VA
1771/00/00 Patrick Henry add family make Scotchtown their home from 1771 to 1777. Home Scotchtown Beaverdam
1775/03/23 Patrick Henry presents a proposal to the Convention's president, Peyton Randolph, to organize a volunteer company of cavalry or infantry in every Virginia county. Henry closes with the words: Give me liberty, or give me death! Representative Give me liberty, or give me death! St John's Episcopal Church Richmond Second Virginia Convention
1775/11/10 Hampden-Sydney College opens. Hampden-Sydney's charter trustees include Patrick Henry and James Madison. Trustee Hampden-Sydney College Hampden Sydney, VA
1776/06/00 Patrick Henry is elected the first governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Governor
1777/00/00 The Henry family quits Scotchtown. Home Scotchtown Beaverdam
1777/07/00 Virginia Governor, Patrick Henry, dispatches Col John Bowman to Logan's Fort with orders to bring settlers back across the Cumberland mountains if he decides they can not be properly defended. Virginia Governor Logan's Station Stanford
1777/10/25 Dorothea Dandridge marries Patrick Henry at Fork Church, Hanover County, Virginia. Bride Fork Church Doswell Marriage of Dorothea Dandridge and Patrick Henry
1785/08/18 Cornerstone ceremony for the Virginia State Capitol Virginia Governor Virginia State Capitol Richmond
1788/06/25 With Patrick Henry pushing for a federal Bill of Rights, the delegates to the Virginia Convention ratify the United States Constitution by a vote of 89 to 79 vote. Delegate Constitution of the United States Monumental Church Richmond
1793/04/29 Richard Randolph is tried for "feloniously murdering a child said to be born of Nancy Randolph." Defense Attorney Cumberland County Courthouse Cumberland Commonwealth v Richard Randolph
1794/03/00 Richard Marot Booker sells Patrick Henry a 700-acre tract of farm land. Home Red Hill, Patrick Henry National Memorial Brookneal, VA
1797/03/20 Henry to Amelia County Clerk James Towne regarding the buying of Seven Islands from William Marshall Booker: I am not acquainted with the Land ... having not veiwed it. I can only say it will suit me if I can get a good Title to it at a reasonable price. Owner Seven Islands Estate Nathalie
1799/06/06 Patrick Henry dies of intussusception in at his Red Hill plantation. He is buried at Red Hill. Died Red Hill, Patrick Henry National Memorial Brookneal, VA

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Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Give me liberty, or give me death! Representative 1775/03/23
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