Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Significant name Woodburn Charles City, VA
Significant name Greenway Charles City, VA
1802/00/00 At the age of twelve, John Tyler enters the preparatory branch of the College of William and Mary. Master Tyler lives with his uncle, James Semple. Home James Semple House Williamsburg
1841/04/04 Tyler is sworn in the nation's 10th vice president in the Senate chamber, and delivers a 3-minute speech about states' rights before swearing in the new senators and attending President Harrison's inauguration outside on Capitol's east portico. US Vice President Old Senate Chamber United States Capitol
1841/04/05 At sunrise, State Department chief clerk Fletcher Webster and Senate assistant doorkeeper Robert Beale, deliver a letter from the cabinet reporting that President Harrison had died of pneumonia the previous day. US Vice President Death of US President William Harrison
1841/04/06 John Tyler takes the US Presidential Oath of Office, moves into the White House, and assumes full presidential powers, a precedent that would govern future extraordinary successions and eventually become codified in the Twenty-fifth Amendment. US President The White House Washington, DC Death of US President William Harrison
1842/00/00 John Tyler buys the 1,200-acre plantation when he was still serving as 10th president of the United States. Tyler used Sherwood Forest as his retirement home from 1845 until his death in 1862. Home John Tyler House Charles City, VA
1844/04/13 Using electric current, Samuel Colt demonstrates the effectiveness of his underwater electric mine to President John Tyler and his cabinet by blowing up a schooner on the Potomac River off the Washington Navy Yard. Witness Washington Navy Yard Washington, DC
1862/01/21 John Tyler lays in state at the Virginia State Capitol. In Memoriam Virginia State Capitol Richmond
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