George Wythe

  • American


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1726/00/00 George Wythe is born at Chesterville Plantation Born Chesterville Plantation Site Hampton
1755/00/00 Wythe House is built as a wedding present for Elizabeth and George Wythe Groom Wythe House Williamsburg
1760/04/00 Law-Examiners George Wythe and Pendleton reject Patrick Henry's law license application. Law Examiner Wythe House Williamsburg Patrick Henry Receives His Law License
1771/00/00 Chesterville Plantation is built for George Wythe, his home till about 1775 (residence destroyed by fire in 1911) Home Chesterville Plantation Site Hampton
1776/08/02 Most delegates sign the Declaration of Independence Signer, Representing Virginia US Declaration of Independence American Colonies Declare Independence from Great Britain
1777/01/13 George Mason, George Wythe, Edmund Pendleton, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Ludwell Lee meet to outline the Statute of Virginia for Religious Liberty. Author Rising Sun Tavern Fredericksburg, VA
1780/00/00 Marshall takes law classes at William and Mary taught by George Wythe Professor Wren Building, College of William and Mary Williamsburg
1788/06/24 George Wythe proposes a resolution to ratify the United States Constitution. Delegate Constitution of the United States Monumental Church Richmond
1791/00/00 George Wythe moves to Richmond to serve as a judge on Virginia's court of Chancery, he served till 1802 Home Wythe House Williamsburg
1806/06/00 George Wythe lays in repose at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond. In Memoriam Virginia State Capitol Richmond
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