Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1876/10/00 Tiffany and Co wins an award for Silver and Iron in the Plastic and Graphic Art Category at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition Artisan Centennial Exposition
1878/00/00 The 1250 piece Mackay silver Dinner and Dessert Service for 24 Persons is finished. Designed by Tiffany and Co's Charles Grosjean under the supervision of Edward C Moore, pieces from the set are currently held in MacKay School of Mines Building. Craftsman MacKay School of Mines Building Reno, NV 1878 Exposition Universelle
1886/00/00 Thirteenth Tiffany windows are installed at Saint Saviour between 1886 and 1907. One window was stolen in 1988. Artisan Saint Saviour's Episcopal Church and Rectory Bar Harbor, ME
1886/00/00 Mrs Duncan Cryder is astounded and mortified to learn from Tiffany's that her $3,000 diamond earrings and a diamond ring have been substituted with glass. Her former butler, Theodore Hahr, will be arrested for the crime. Expert
1887/05/12 By order of the Third Republic, the French Crown Jewels are sold at public auction in the Salle des Etats of the Louvre. The largest buyer, Tiffany and Co, purchases almost a third of the Diamants de La Couronne de France. Buyer Salle des Etats, Louvre Louvre Museum
1896/00/00 Tiffany and Company Stationers and Silver and Gold Smiths Newark
1905/00/00 Tiffany and Company Building opens, built 1903-1905 Owner Tiffany and Company Building New York City
1940/10/21 Tiffany and Co flagship store opens Owner Tiffany and Co Flagship Store New York City
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