Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Dawn in Pennsylvania - created Painter Dawn in Pennsylvania
1882/07/22 Born Birth Place Edward Hopper Birthplace and Boyhood Home Orangetown Edward Hopper's Birthday
1902/00/00 Painter and Model - created Painter Painter and Model
1907/00/00 Apres-midi de juin - created Painter Apres-midi de juin
1907/00/00 Les lavoirs a Pont Royal - created Painter Les lavoirs a Pont Royal
1908/00/00 The El Station - created Painter The El Station
1909/00/00 Summer Interior - created Painter Summer Interior
1909/00/00 The Wine Shop - created Painter The Wine Shop
1909/00/00 "Le pavillon de Flore" is created. Painter Le pavillon de Flore
1909/00/00 Le Pont Royal - created Painter Le Pont Royal
1909/00/00 Le Quai des Grands Augustins - created Painter Le Quai des Grands Augustins
1912/00/00 Squam Light - created Painter Squam Light
1912/00/00 American Village - created Painter American Village
1913/00/00 Queensborough Bridge - created Painter Queensborough Bridge
1914/00/00 Road in Maine - created Painter Road in Maine
1914/00/00 Soir bleu - created Painter Soir bleu
1916/00/00 Hopper paints "Blackhead, Monhegan" Painter Blackhead, Monhegan Monhegan Island Maine
1918/00/00 Night on the El Train - created Artist Night on the El Train
1919/00/00 Stairways - created Painter Stairways
1920/00/00 American Landscape - created Artist American Landscape
1921/00/00 House Tops - created Artist House Tops
1921/00/00 Night Shadows - created Artist Night Shadows
1921/00/00 Girl at Sewing Machine - created Painter Girl at Sewing Machine
1922/00/00 The New York Restaurant - created Painter The New York Restaurant
1922/00/00 East Side Interior - created Artist East Side Interior
1922/00/00 Railroad Crossing - created Painter Railroad Crossing
1923/00/00 The Mansard Roof - created Painter The Mansard Roof
1923/00/00 The Lonely House - created Artist The Lonely House
1923/00/00 The Locomotive - created Artist The Locomotive
1925/00/00 "Ranch House, Santa Fe" is created. Painter Ranch House, Santa Fe
1925/00/00 House by the Railroad - created Painter House by the Railroad
1925/00/00 Self-Portrait - created Painter Self-Portrait
1926/00/00 Sunday - created Painter Sunday
1927/00/00 Drug Store - created Painter Drug Store
1927/00/00 The City - created Painter The City
1927/00/00 Automat - created Painter Automat
1927/00/00 Captain Upton's House - created Painter Captain Upton's House
1927/00/00 Coast Guard Station - created Painter Coast Guard Station
1927/06/00 During the summer of 1927, Edward Hopper visits the Two Lights lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine and paints "Lighthouse Hill". Painter Lighthouse Hill Two Lights Cape Elizabeth
1928/00/00 Manhattan Bridge Loop - created Painter Manhattan Bridge Loop
1928/00/00 Night Windows - created Painter Night Windows
1928/00/00 From Williamsburg Bridge - created Painter From Williamsburg Bridge
1929/00/00 Hopper returns to Cape Elizabeth Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine and paints "Lighthouse at Two Lights". Painter The Lighthouse at Two Lights Two Lights Cape Elizabeth
1929/00/00 Railroad Sunset - created Painter Railroad Sunset
1929/00/00 Chop Suey - created Painter Chop Suey
1930/00/00 Corn Hill - created Painter Corn Hill
1930/00/00 Apartment Houses, East River - created Painter Apartment Houses, East River
1930/00/00 House in Provincetown - created Painter House in Provincetown
1930/00/00 Cobb's Barns, South Truro - created Painter Cobb's Barns, South Truro Truro Massachusetts
1930/00/00 Early Sunday Morning - created Painter Early Sunday Morning
1930/00/00 Hills, South Truro - created Painter Hills, South Truro
1930/00/00 Tables for Ladies - created Painter Tables for Ladies
1931/00/00 New York, New Haven and Hartford - created Painter New York, New Haven and Hartford
1931/00/00 High Road - created Painter High Road
1931/00/00 Hotel Room - created Painter Hotel Room
1932/00/00 Dauphinee House - created Painter Dauphinee House
1932/00/00 Room in New York - created Painter Room in New York
1934/03/00 Hopper paints "East Wind Over Weehawken" Painter East Wind Over Weehawken Weehawken New Jersey
1935/00/00 Macomb's Dam Bridge - created Painter Macomb's Dam Bridge
1935/00/00 Edward Hopper paints the seashore at Long Point Light Station on Cape Cod, MA Painter The Long Leg Long Point Light Station Provincetown
1935/00/00 House at Dusk - created Painter House at Dusk
1936/00/00 Jo Painting - created Painter Jo Painting
1936/00/00 Cape Cod Afternoon - created Painter Cape Cod Afternoon
1936/00/00 The Circle Theater - created Painter The Circle Theater
1937/00/00 White River at Sharon - created Painter White River at Sharon
1937/00/00 The Sheridan Theater - created Painter The Sheridan Theater
1937/00/00 Mouth of Pamet River-Fall Tide - created Painter Mouth of Pamet River-Fall Tide
1938/00/00 Compartiment C, Car 193 - created Painter Compartiment C, Car 193
1939/00/00 Cape Cod Evening - created Painter Cape Cod Evening
1939/00/00 Bridle Path - created Painter Bridle Path
1939/00/00 New York Movie - created Painter New York Movie
1939/00/00 Ground Swell - created Painter Ground Swell
1940/00/00 Gas - created Painter Gas
1940/00/00 Office at Night - created Painter Office at Night
1941/00/00 The Lee Shore - created Painter The Lee Shore
1942/00/00 Nighthawks - created Painter Nighthawks
1943/00/00 Hotel Lobby - created Painter Hotel Lobby
1943/00/00 Summertime - created Painter Summertime
1944/00/00 Solitude - created Painter Solitude
1944/00/00 Morning in a City - created Painter Morning in a City
1945/00/00 Rooms for Tourists - created Painter Rooms for Tourists
1945/00/00 August in the City - created Painter August in the City
1946/00/00 El Palacio - created Painter El Palacio
1946/00/00 Jo in Wyoming - created Painter Jo in Wyoming
1946/00/00 Approaching a City - created Painter Approaching a City
1947/00/00 Pennsylvania Coal Town - created Painter Pennsylvania Coal Town
1947/00/00 Summer Evening - created Painter Summer Evening
1948/00/00 Seven AM - created Painter Seven AM
1949/00/00 Stairway - created Painter Stairway
1949/00/00 Conference at Night - created Painter Conference at Night
1949/08/25 Hopper begins painting High Noon Painter High Noon
1950/00/00 After making repeated trips with Jo to Orleans to get the right sky for his painting, Edward Hopper paints a "Portrait of Orleans". Painter Portrait of Orleans Orleans Massachusetts
1950/00/00 Cape Cod Morning - created Painter Cape Cod Morning
1951/00/00 Rooms by the Sea - created Painter Rooms by the Sea
1951/00/00 First Row Orchestra - created Painter First Row Orchestra
1952/00/00 Hotel by a Railroad - created Painter Hotel by a Railroad
1952/00/00 Morning Sun - created Painter Morning Sun
1952/00/00 Sea Watchers - created Painter Sea Watchers
1953/00/00 Office in a Small City - created Painter Office in a Small City
1954/00/00 City Sunlight - created Painter City Sunlight
1955/00/00 South Carolina Morning - created Painter South Carolina Morning
1956/00/00 Sunlight on Brownstones - created Painter Sunlight on Brownstones
1956/00/00 Four Lane Road - created Painter Four Lane Road
1956/00/00 Hotel Window - created Painter Hotel Window
1957/00/00 Western Motel - created Painter Western Motel
1958/00/00 Sunlight in a Cafeteria - created Painter Sunlight in a Cafeteria
1959/00/00 Excursion into Philosophy - created Painter Excursion into Philosophy
1960/00/00 "People in the Sun" is created. Painter People in the Sun
1960/00/00 Second Story Sunlight - created Painter Second Story Sunlight
1961/00/00 A Woman in the Sun - created Painter A Woman in the Sun
1962/00/00 New York Office - created Painter New York Office
1963/00/00 Intermission - created Painter Intermission
1963/00/00 Sun in an Empty Room - created Painter Sun in an Empty Room
1965/00/00 Chair Car - created Painter Chair Car
1965/00/00 Two Comedians - created Painter Two Comedians
1967/05/15 Died Significant Date

114 Creative Works by Edward Hopper »

Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Dawn in Pennsylvania Painter Painting
Painter and Model Painter Painting 1902/00/00
Les lavoirs a Pont Royal Painter Painting 1907/00/00
Apres-midi de juin Painter Painting 1907/00/00
The El Station Painter Painting 1908/00/00
Le Quai des Grands Augustins Painter Painting 1909/00/00
Summer Interior Painter Painting 1909/00/00
Le pavillon de Flore Painter Painting 1909/00/00
Le Pont Royal Painter Painting 1909/00/00
The Wine Shop Painter Painting 1909/00/00
American Village Painter Painting 1912/00/00
Squam Light Painter Painting 1912/00/00
Queensborough Bridge Painter Painting 1913/00/00
Soir bleu Painter Painting 1914/00/00
Road in Maine Painter Painting 1914/00/00
Blackhead, Monhegan Painter Painting 1916/00/00
Night on the El Train Artist Etching 1918/00/00
Stairways Painter Painting 1919/00/00
American Landscape Artist Etching 1920/00/00
Girl at Sewing Machine Painter Painting 1921/00/00
Night Shadows Artist Etching 1921/00/00
House Tops Artist Etching 1921/00/00
Railroad Crossing Painter Painting 1922/00/00
The New York Restaurant Painter Painting 1922/00/00
East Side Interior Artist Etching 1922/00/00
The Mansard Roof Painter Painting 1923/00/00
The Locomotive Artist Etching 1923/00/00
The Lonely House Artist Etching 1923/00/00
House by the Railroad Painter Painting 1925/00/00
  • 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die
Ranch House, Santa Fe Painter Painting 1925/00/00
Self-Portrait Painter Painting 1925/00/00
Sunday Painter Painting 1926/00/00
The City Painter Painting 1927/00/00
Automat Painter Painting 1927/00/00
Captain Upton's House Painter Painting 1927/00/00
Coast Guard Station Painter Painting 1927/00/00
Drug Store Painter Painting 1927/00/00
Lighthouse Hill Painter Painting 1927/06/00
Night Windows Painter Painting 1928/00/00
From Williamsburg Bridge Painter Painting 1928/00/00
Manhattan Bridge Loop Painter Painting 1928/00/00
The Lighthouse at Two Lights Painter Painting 1929/00/00
Railroad Sunset Painter Painting 1929/00/00
Chop Suey Painter Painting 1929/00/00
Corn Hill Painter Painting 1930/00/00
Tables for Ladies Painter Painting 1930/00/00
House in Provincetown Painter Painting 1930/00/00
Cobb's Barns, South Truro Painter Painting 1930/00/00
Early Sunday Morning Painter Painting 1930/00/00
Apartment Houses, East River Painter Painting 1930/00/00
Hills, South Truro Painter Painting 1930/00/00
New York, New Haven and Hartford Painter Painting 1931/00/00
Hotel Room Painter Painting 1931/00/00
High Road Painter Painting 1931/00/00
Dauphinee House Painter Painting 1932/00/00
Room in New York Painter Painting 1932/00/00
East Wind Over Weehawken Painter Painting 1934/03/00
The Long Leg Painter Painting 1935/00/00
Macomb's Dam Bridge Painter Painting 1935/00/00
House at Dusk Painter Painting 1935/00/00
Cape Cod Afternoon Painter Painting 1936/00/00
The Circle Theater Painter Painting 1936/00/00
Jo Painting Painter Painting 1936/00/00
The Sheridan Theater Painter Painting 1937/00/00
Mouth of Pamet River-Fall Tide Painter Painting 1937/00/00
White River at Sharon Painter Painting 1937/00/00
Compartiment C, Car 193 Painter Painting 1938/00/00
New York Movie Painter Painting 1939/00/00
Bridle Path Painter Painting 1939/00/00
Ground Swell Painter Painting 1939/00/00
Cape Cod Evening Painter Painting 1939/00/00
Office at Night Painter Painting 1940/00/00
Gas Painter Painting 1940/00/00
  • 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die
The Lee Shore Painter Painting 1941/00/00
Nighthawks Painter Painting 1942/00/00
  • 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die
Summertime Painter Painting 1943/00/00
Hotel Lobby Painter Painting 1943/00/00
Solitude Painter Painting 1944/00/00
Morning in a City Painter Painting 1944/00/00
August in the City Painter Painting 1945/00/00
Rooms for Tourists Painter Painting 1945/00/00
El Palacio Painter Painting 1946/00/00
Jo in Wyoming Painter Painting 1946/00/00
Approaching a City Painter Painting 1946/00/00
Summer Evening Painter Painting 1947/00/00
Pennsylvania Coal Town Painter Painting 1947/00/00
Seven AM Painter Painting 1948/00/00
Stairway Painter Painting 1949/00/00
Conference at Night Painter Painting 1949/00/00
High Noon Painter Painting 1949/08/25
Portrait of Orleans Painter Painting 1950/00/00
Cape Cod Morning Painter Painting 1950/00/00
Rooms by the Sea Painter Painting 1951/00/00
First Row Orchestra Painter Painting 1951/00/00
Sea Watchers Painter Painting 1952/00/00
Morning Sun Painter Painting 1952/00/00
Hotel by a Railroad Painter Painting 1952/00/00
Office in a Small City Painter Painting 1953/00/00
City Sunlight Painter Painting 1954/00/00
South Carolina Morning Painter Painting 1955/00/00
Sunlight on Brownstones Painter Painting 1956/00/00
Hotel Window Painter Painting 1956/00/00
Four Lane Road Painter Painting 1956/00/00
Western Motel Painter Painting 1957/00/00
Sunlight in a Cafeteria Painter Painting 1958/00/00
Excursion into Philosophy Painter Painting 1959/00/00
Second Story Sunlight Painter Painting 1960/00/00
  • 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die
People in the Sun Painter Painting 1960/00/00
A Woman in the Sun Painter Painting 1961/00/00
New York Office Painter Painting 1962/00/00
Intermission Painter Painting 1963/00/00
Sun in an Empty Room Painter Painting 1963/00/00
Two Comedians Painter Painting 1965/00/00
Chair Car Painter Painting 1965/00/00

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