Meriwether Lewis

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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Explorer Rock Fort Campsite The Dalles
Explorer Nez Perce National Historical Park Spalding
Explorer Lolo Trail Lolo Hot Springs
Explorer Two Medicine Fight Site Buffalo Ridge
1774/03/03 Born in Albemarle County, Virginia
1803/10/15 Meriwether Lewis arrives at the Clark cabin (lost) to meet with William Clark. Together, they will recruit nine men for an expedition of discovery. Explorer Old Clarksville Site Clarksville
1803/11/11 Lewis and Clark arrive at Fort Massac, expecting to gain eight soldiers who had volunteered for the Corps of Discovery at South West Point, Tennessee, but they were not there. The Corps of Discovery departed Fort Massac on November 13th. Explorer Fort Massac State Park Metropolis, IL Lewis and Clark Expedition
1804/06/00 Lewis and Clark expedition camp Explorer Fort Osage Sibley Lewis and Clark Expedition
1804/10/00 Westbound Lewis and Clark expedition makes its way up the Missouri River and reaches the five earthlodge villages of the Mandan and Hidatsa tribes. Explorer Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site Archeological District Stanton Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/00/00 The Corps, help by the Nez Perce, resupply and carve five canoes in twelve days Explorer Canoe Camp Orofino Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/07/16 This rock I called the tower. It may be ascended with some difficulty nearly to it's summit and from it there is a most pleasing view of the country we are now about to leave. From it I saw that evening immense herds of buffaloe in the plains below. ML Explorer Tower Rock State Park Montana Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/07/25 Corps of Discovery reaches the Three Forks of the Missouri Explorer Three Forks of the Missouri Missouri Headwaters State Park Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/08/09 Near Beaverhead Rock - Lewis, Drouillard, John Shields and Hugh McNeal hike to Beaverhead Rock, looking for the Shoshones. Clark and the others headed down river. Explorer Beaverhead Rock State Park Montana Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/08/12 Lewis Advance Party crosses the Continental Divide through Lemhi Pass Explorer Lemhi Pass Tendoy Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/08/13 Lewis Advance Party unfurls the Stars and Stripes west of the Continental Divide Explorer First Flag Unfurling Site, Lewis and Clark Trail Tendoy Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/08/26 Corps of Discovery crosses the Continental Divide through Lemhi Pass Explorer Lemhi Pass Tendoy Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/11/15 Corps of Discovery camp at Chinook Point where they see the Pacific Ocean for the first time Explorer Cape Disappointment Historic District Ilwaco Lewis and Clark Expedition
1805/12/00 Corps of Discovery build Fort Clatsop and camp from December 1805 to March 1806. Explorer Fort Clatsop National Memorial Astoria Lewis and Clark Expedition
1806/05/02 I observed considerable quantities of the qua-mash in the bottoms through which we passed this evening now in blume. there is much appearance of beaver and otter along these creeks. saw two deer at a distance, - ML Explorer Patit Creek Campsite Dayton, WA Lewis and Clark Expedition
1806/07/22 Lewis Advance Party at Camp Disappointment from July 22 to July 26, 1806 Explorer Camp Disappointment Browning, MT Lewis and Clark Expedition
1806/11/08 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark arrive at Locust Grove, ending their expedition Explorer Locust Grove Louisville, KY Lewis and Clark Expedition
1809/11/11 Dies in Hohenwald, Tennessee
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