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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1840/04/02 Emile Zola is born in Paris to Emilie Aubert and Francois Zola, an Italian engineer, born in Venice in 1795, who engineered the Zola Dam in Aix-en-Provence. Born
1867/00/00 Therese Raquin - published Author Therese Raquin
1877/00/00 Drunkard - published Author Drunkard
1880/02/00 Nana - published Author Nana (book)
1880/04/16 "L'Attaque du moulin" by Emile Zola is published in the story collection, Les soirees de Medan. Author L'Attaque du moulin (Short Story)
1885/00/00 Germinal - published Author Germinal
1890/00/00 La Bete Humaine - published Author La Bete Humaine
1897/11/06 Bernard-Lazare meets with Emile Zola. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1897/11/08 Leblois visits Zola. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1897/11/12 At his home, Scheurer-Kestner has a meeting with Matthieu Dreyfus, Leblois and Zola, November 12-13. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1897/11/25 Zola starts a campaign in favor of Dreyfus' cause in Le Figaro. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1897/12/13 Zola publishes "Letter to youth." Author Dreyfus Affair
1898/01/00 In his office at 21 rue de Bruxelles, Zola write the polemic "Jaccuse," a narrative regarding the affairs of Alfred Dreyfus Author Emile Zola Residence Paris Dreyfus Affair
1898/01/04 Zola publishes "Letter to France." Author Dreyfus Affair
1898/01/13 The Chamber of Deputies votes to bring Zola to trial. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/01/13 Entitled "J'accuse...!" by editor Georges Clemenceau, the journal L'Aurore publishes Emile Zola's "Letter to the President of the Republic" accusing the military of conspiring to disgrace Dreyfus and the incompetence of the handwriting experts. Author Dreyfus Affair
1898/02/07 With Clemenceau's brother and Labori as his defense attorneys, Emile Zola's trial commences in the Cour d'Assises de la Seine, Palace of Justice in Paris. Defendant Palais de Justice, Paris Paris Dreyfus Affair
1898/02/10 During the Emile Zola's trial, General de Pellieux inadvertently acknowledges the existence of the secret file that was given to the judges at Dreyfus' 1894 military trial and quotes "le faux Henry," thereby providing new evidence for a re-trial. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/02/23 Zola is convicted of libel and receives the maximum sentence: one year in jail and a fine of 3000 Francs. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/04/02 Agreeing on reason of legal technicality, the Court of Appeals overturns the verdict of February 23 granting Zola a new trial. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/05/23 Second Zola trial in Versailles. Labori appeals. Suspension. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/05/23 In his Petit Journal, Ernest Judet publishes "Zola Pere et fils", an article in which he defames the past of Zola's father. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/05/24 Zola sues Judet for libel. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/07/09 Zola is convicted of libel in the three handwriting experts' libel trial: 2 weeks suspended prison sentence, fine of 2000 Francs, plus 5000 Francs in damages to each of the handwriting experts. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/07/18 Second Zola trial, Versailles. Zola is convicted again and sentenced to one year in prison and fined 2,000 Francs. In order to avoid the notice of the sentence being served and to continue fighting, Zola takes refuge in England. Labori files for appeal. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/08/10 The Court of Appeals stiffens the penalties awarded to the handwriting experts: Zola is sentenced to one month in jail, a fine of 2000 Francs and 10,000 Francs in damages to each expert. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1898/10/11 Zola's estate and furnishings are place in an absentia public auction to pay his August 10 fine (300,000 dollars in 2000). Editor Eugene Fasquelle buys the first item, Zola's desk, for the amount of the fine, 32,000 Francs, ending the sale. Defendant Emile Zola Residence Paris Dreyfus Affair
1899/06/05 Zola returns to France from England and challenges the Versailles verdict. Defendant Dreyfus Affair
1902/00/00 Zola dies at home from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by an improperly ventilated chimney. Died Emile Zola Residence Paris
1902/10/05 About 50,000 mourners attend Emile zola's funeral at the Montmartre Cemetery, including government ministers and delegations of miners and Freemasons. Anatole France declares that "he was a moment in the conscience of man". In Memoriam Montmartre Cemetery Paris Dreyfus Affair
1906/07/13 The Chamber of Deputies passes a law reinstating Dreyfus in the Army as a Lieutenant-Colonel and Picquart as Commander-General. Another bill is passed for Zola's ashes to be placed in the Pantheon. In Memoriam Dreyfus Affair
1908/06/06 Zola's ashes are transferred to the Pantheon. During the ceremony, Louis Gregori, a journalist, fires two shots at Dreyfus, slightly wounding him in the arm. The fanatic is acquitted September 11. In Memoriam Pantheon, Paris Paris Dreyfus Affair

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Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Therese Raquin Author Book 1867/00/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
Drunkard Author Book 1877/00/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
Nana (book) Author Book 1880/02/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
L'Attaque du moulin (Short Story) Author Short Story 1880/04/16
La joie de vivre (book) Author Novel 1883/00/00
Germinal Author Book 1885/00/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas
La Bete Humaine Author Book 1890/00/00
  • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
  • 1100 or so Notable Novels and Novellas

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