Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1809/07/13 Deborah Church Delano, wife of Warren Delano, gives birth to a son, Warren Delano in New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts. Born
1843/11/01 Catherine Robbins Lyman, daughter of Judge Joseph Lyman and Anna Jean Robbins Lyman, marries Warren Delano in Northhampton, Massachusetts. Groom Northampton, MA Massachusetts
1844/00/00 Warren Delano heads back to Canton with his bride Catherine. The Delanos move to a large residence called Arrowdale in the Portuguese colony of Macao, some 65 miles away since Chinese officials prohibit the presence of foreign women in China. Life Historic Centre of Macao Macau
1846/00/00 Catherine and Warren Delano return to the United States and settle in New York City. Life
1851/00/00 Warren Delano buys Higginson farm, a two story brick home on 60-acres on Danskammer Point, from Sarah Hartley Ward Armstrong. The Delanos rent Danskammer Mansion (lost) while improvements are made at their new home. Owner The Algonac Balmville
1857/09/00 Warren Delano loses a fortune during a financial collapse of Wall Street and an inablity to turn a profit in shipping. "My father lost almost everything, and when he tried to sell our house, he found almost all prospective buyers in the same plight." SDR Work The Algonac Balmville Panic of 1857
1860/00/00 Warren Delano moves Hong Kong, China, to rebuild his fortune trading in opium. Work Hong Kong China
1862/10/31 By eleven o'clk dear Warren was on board the SURPRISE, having come in the house-boat (the Russell and Co boat). He looks well, and the children said they should have known him anywhere. - Catherine Delano Life Hong Kong China Delano Family Voyage to China
1870/00/00 By 1870, the Delano family returns to Algonac Plantation (lost) on the Hudson River. Home The Algonac Balmville
1898/01/17 Warren Delano dies at age 88 in Algonac Plantation (lost), near Newburgh, New York. Died The Algonac Balmville
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