Pullman Palace Car Company

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Manufacturer of luxurious railcars, notable for developing the 'palace' sleeping car. - AsNotedIn

Notable Position Person From To
Founder George Pullman
President Robert Todd Lincoln
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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Marcia (pullman car) Craig
Architect Northland (rail car) Duluth Union Depot
Architect Dinwiddie County Pullman Car Midlothian
Architect Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Business Car No 101 Othello
Architect The Superb Duluth
Architect MT BRODERICK Pullman Lounge-Obs-Sleeping Car New Haven
Architect Roald Amundsen Pullman Private Railroad Car Scottsdale
1880/00/00 Pullman Company Town Pullman Historic District Chicago
1888/01/12 The North Manchester Saw and Planing Mill Co (lost) earns a contract of a million feet of oak to be furnished to the Pullman Car Co. The lumber will be used in building 1,900 freight cars for the Chicago and North Western Railroad. Customer North Manchester Planing and Band Saw Mill (JA Browne Co Mill) North Manchester
1910/00/00 By the 1900s, the Pullman Company, the largest single employer of black men in the United States, serves 100,000 passengers a night.
1923/00/00 The Great Northern Railroad buys a Pullman observation-compartment car and transports it to Alaska. It is renamed Denali, the Indian word for the highest mountain in Alaska, Mount McKinley. Architect Harding Railroad Car Fairbanks
1932/05/03 Al Capone is shackled to a auto thief named Vito Morici in Drawing Room A, Pullman car 48, on The Dixie Flyer. In the night, Capone puts on his "glove silk blue pajamas" and climbs into an upper berth with Morici. Manufacture Al Capone's Trip to Alcatraz
1959/00/00 Pullman Sleeper service on the Flamingo is discontinued Operator Louisville and Nashville Railroad Passenger Depot Berea
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