Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1925/00/00 "The Gold Rush " is released. Studio The Gold Rush
1931/04/04 "The Front Page " is released. Studio The Front Page (1931 film)
1933/00/00 "Arrowsmith " is released. Studio Arrowsmith (film)
1937/00/00 "The Hurricane " is released. Studio The Hurricane
1938/00/00 "The Adventures of Marco Polo" is released. Studio The Adventures of Marco Polo
1939/00/00 "Stagecoach" is released. Studio Stagecoach (film)
1940/10/08 "The Long Voyage Home" opens in New York City at the Rivoli Theatre. The Rivoli Theatre opened 28 December 1917 with Douglas Fairbanks' "A Modern Musketeer" and was razed in June 1987. Studio The Long Voyage Home
1959/00/00 "The Horse Soldiers " is released. Studio The Horse Soldiers (film)
1961/12/19 "Judgment at Nuremberg" is released. Studio Judgment at Nuremberg
1962/04/10 Directed by Gordon Douglas and produced by David Weisbart, the world premiere of "Follow That Dream" is held at the Marion Theatre. Elvis did not attend. The Streamline Moderne Marion Theatre opened on 11 September 1941 at 50 SE Magnolia Exd. Studio Follow That Dream Ocala Historic Commercial District Ocala
1964/07/06 "A Hard Day's Night" premieres at the Pavilion Theatre in London. Studio A Hard Day's Night (film) The London Pavilion London
1973/12/17 "Sleeper " is released. Studio Sleeper
1976/09/03 "1900 " is released. Studio 1900
1979/08/15 "Apocalypse Now " is released. Studio Apocalypse Now
1979/10/17 "The Black Stallion" opens Studio The Black Stallion (film)
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