Ernest Flagg

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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect William Van Altena House Whitefish Bay
Architect G B Van Devan House Whitefish Bay
Architect Frank J Williams House Whitefish Bay
Architect Alfred M Hoelz House Milwaukee
Architect Ullius, Fred W, Jr, House Whitefish Bay
Architect Pepperell Center Historic District Pepperell
Architect Firehouse, Engine Company 33 New York City
Architect First National Bank Building Hartford
Architect Lewis G Morris House New York City
Architect Old Naval Observatory Washington, DC
Architect Scribner Building New York City
Architect Corcoran Gallery of Art Washington, DC
Architect Flagg-Coburn House Lowell, MA
Architect Charles Scribner's Sons Building New York City
Architect Pomfret Street Historic District Pomfret
Architect Rufus Arndt House Whitefish Bay
Architect Charleston Baptist Temple Charleston, WV
Architect Barfield-Staples House Whitefish Bay
Architect Rockwood Chocolate Factory Historic District New York City
Architect Thomas Bossert House Shorewood
Architect Gov Samuel J Tilden Monument New Lebanon
Architect Erwin Cords House Shorewood
Architect H R Davis House Wauwatosa
Architect J H Fiebing House Wauwatosa
Architect Otto F Fiebing House Milwaukee
Architect George Gabel House Whitefish Bay
Architect Warren B George House Wauwatosa
Architect Paul S Grant House Whitefish Bay
Architect Harrison Hardie House Whitefish Bay
Architect Horace W Hatch House Whitefish Bay
Architect Seneca W and Bertha Hatch House Shorewood
Architect Willis Hopkins House Wauwatosa
Architect Halbert D Jenkins House Whitefish Bay
Architect John F McEwens House Whitefish Bay
Architect Henry A Meyer House Shorewood
Architect Starke Meyer House Fox Point
Architect George E Morgan House Shorewood
Architect Pearl C Norton House Wauwatosa
Architect Frederick Sperling House Whitefish Bay
1892/00/00 Current Oaks Plantation House built for Edwin Parsons. Architect Oaks Golf and Country Club Goose Creek
1908/05/28 United States Naval Academy Chapel is dedicated. The 268-rank organ is controlled by one of the largest drawknob consoles in the world (522 drawknobs). Architect Naval Academy Chapel US Naval Academy
1914/00/00 Built Architect Gwynne Building Cincinnati, OH
1928/00/00 Built Architect Merrill House Bloomington
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