Joseph Medill Patterson

  • American

Joseph Medill Patterson was an American journalist, publisher and founder of the Daily News in New York. His father was Robert W Patterson Jr, a journalist at the Chicago Tribune who married the boss's daughter. - AsNotedIn

Notable Position Organization From To
Founder, Owner Liberty (weekly 1924-1950) 1924 1931


Themes with Joseph Medill Patterson


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1915/00/00 Joseph Patterson cover WW I as a Tribune foreign correspondent based in Belgium, Germany and France from 1914-15. Military
1917/00/00 After the US enters WW I, J M Patterson joins the Rainbow Division of the 149th Field Artillery. Rising from private to Captain he served at the 2nd Battle of the Marne, the struggle around St Mihiel, the Argonne fighting and in the defense of Champagne. Military Meuse
1918/02/00 Captain Patterson and his troops are hit with 500 gas shells. Patterson is hospitalized with 6 other soldiers all of whom died later that night. Military
1919/01/00 Passing through London on his way home to America, Joseph Patterson visits Lord Northcliffe to discuss journalism and human nature. Northcliffe believes a tabloid newspaper like his Daily Mirror would be a success in the US. Publisher
1919/06/26 'Illustrated Daily News' is first published by Joseph Medill Patterson. Publisher Daily News Building New York City
1930/00/00 Designed by architect Raymond Hood, Daily News Building is in Midtown Manhattan for the New York Daily News newspaper, 1929-1930. Publisher Daily News Building New York City
1946/05/26 Captain Joseph Medill Patterson dies in New York. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, section 6, site 5681-A. Died Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, VA
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