Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Wheeling Historic District Wheeling
Architect West Chester Downtown Historic District West Chester
Architect Chester County Courthouse West Chester
Architect Girard College Complex Philadelphia, PA
Architect First Presbyterian Church of West Chester West Chester
Architect Ironwood Bowling Green, KY
Architect Ingleside Washington, DC
Architect Philadelphia Contributionship Philadelphia, PA
Architect Founder's Hall, Girard College Philadelphia, PA
Architect Nicholas Biddle Estate Andalusia Bensalem
Architect Portland Breakwater Light South Portland
Architect Norfolk Academy Norfolk
Architect Freemason Street Baptist Church Norfolk
Architect Lexington Presbyterian Church Lexington
Architect Petersburg Courthouse Historic District Petersburg
Architect First Baptist Church Richmond
Architect Tabb Street Prebyterian Church Petersburg
Architect Chapel of the Cross Chapel Hill, NC
Architect Mays Landing Historic District Mays Landing
1826/09/15 Patriotic citizens of the valley of Old Wyoming for erecting a Monument to the memory of those who fell in the memorable Wyoming Massacre by the Indians and more merciless race of being called Tories. - Susquehanna Democrat Architect Wyoming Monument Wyoming, PA
1832/00/00 Architect Portico Row Philadelphia, PA
1836/00/00 Thomas U Walter redesigns the interior of the Christ Church sanctuary, 1832-1836. Architect Christ Church Philadelphia, PA
1836/12/00 As the Newkirk mansion nears completion, a carpenter dies after falling from scaffolding. The Newkirk residence, the first private residence in the Philadelphia to have gas lines throughout the building, feature a facade constructed of white marble. Architect Mercer Manor Colonnade Princeton Battlefield
1851/06/10 President Millard Fillmore approves Thomas U Walters design for new Senate and House wings Fourth Architect of the Capitol United States Capitol Washington, DC
1853/00/00 The Center Building is designed by Dr Nichols and Thomas U Walter on a modified Kirkbride Plan. The clay for the bricks for the Gothic Revival style structure was dug from the grounds of Government Hospital for the Insane and fired in ovens on site. Architect St Elizabeths Hospital Washington, DC
1866/00/00 Thomas Walter's new dome for the United States Capitol is built from 1855-1866, design is based on St Isaac's Cathedral in St Petersburg, Russia Architect United States Capitol Washington, DC
1870/00/00 Thomas Ustick Walter works during the end of his career in the architectural office of John McArthur, Jr. It is assumed Walter contributed to the design of Philadelphia's City Hall. Architect Philadelphia City Hall Philadelphia, PA
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