Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Highland Simeon
Architect Charlotte Court House Historic District Charlotte Court House
Architect Montpelier Montpelier Station
Architect Poplar Forest Lynchburg
Architect The Rotunda Charlottesville, VA
Architect Charlotte County Courthouse Charlotte Court House
Architect The Residence Woodberry Forest
Architect Edgemont Covesville
1743/04/13 Jane Randolph, wife of planter Peter Jefferson, gives birth to a son, Thomas Jefferson, in the family farmhouse at Shadwell in the Colony of Virginia. Born Shadwell Plantation Site Shadwell Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
1745/00/00 Peter Jefferson moves his family to Tuckahoe to take care of the children of William Randolph, 1745-1752 Home Tuckahoe Manakin-Sabot
1759/12/25 On his way to college, Thomas Jefferson spends the Christmas holidays at Col Dandridge's in Hanover. During the festivities of the season, Jefferson meets Patrick Henry in society everyday, where they become well acquainted. Life Patrick Henry Receives His Law License
1760/03/25 Thomas Jefferson enrolls at the College of William and Mary where he will study mathematics and philosophy with William Small of Scotland. Jefferson will lodge and board in the Wren Building until April 1762. Education Wren Building, College of William and Mary Williamsburg
1762/04/00 Thomas Jefferson begins studying law in Williamsburg under George Wythe. He will study with Wythe until 1767. Home Wythe House Williamsburg
1764/04/13 Thomas Jefferson comes of age, inheriting 2,750 acres from his father's estate. Home Shadwell Plantation Site Shadwell
1765/00/00 Thomas Jefferson stands as one of the groomsmen at Nathaniel Harrison's marriage to Lucy Carter Fitzhugh. Life Marriage of Lucy Carter Fitzhugh and Nathaniel Harrison
1765/00/00 Construction begins on a 2-story center structure between the existing buildings for Nathaniel Harrison which are raised to 2-storey and connected by hyphens to the center block. Family tradition attributes the design to Thomas Jefferson. Possible Architect Brandon Plantation, VA Burrowsville, VA
1765/00/00 Thomas Jefferson passes his bar examination and returns to Shadwell. The courts will close during the Stamp Act Crisis. Education Shadwell Plantation Site Shadwell
1766/05/00 Thomas Jefferson travels to Philadelphia and New York, via Annapolis, to inoculate himself from smallpox. Health Smallpox Vaccine
1767/08/23 When traveling through what is now Rockbridge County, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson sees the Natural Bridge. On the inside back cover of a 1767 memorandum book, he makes notes on the "most sublime of Nature's works". Visitor Natural Bridge State Park Natural Bridge, VA
1768/00/00 Jefferson buys a violin from Dr William Pasteur, an apothecary of Williamsburg, for five pounds. Customer James Semple House Williamsburg
1769/03/09 Prior to his departure for Williamsburg to begin his first term in the House of Burgesses, Thomas Jefferson buys a horse from Robert Sharp on credit. Life Limestone Keswick
1769/05/00 Thomas Jefferson takes his seat as representative from Albemarle County in the House of Burgesses. Edmund Pendleton and Jefferson's uncle (or possibly, cousin), Peyton Randolph, act as his mentors. Jefferson will work in the House of Burgesses until 1776. Work
1770/02/01 The one-and-a-half story frame house at Shadwell Plantation is destroyed by fire. "On a reasonable estimate I calculate the cost of the books burned to have been 200 pounds sterling." - TJ Home Shadwell Plantation Site Shadwell
1770/11/00 Thomas Jefferson moves into the upper room of the South Pavilion. Architect, Home Monticello Charlottesville, VA
1770/11/19 Thomas Jefferson files a caveat suit on behalf of Robert Sharp against John Sorrell and Benjamin Sneed, to whom Sorrell had assigned his rights to 400 acres, surveyed 20 years ago, but never properly patented. Work Limestone Keswick
1771/03/29 Thomas Jefferson agrees to buy one acre of land with a kiln and limestone quarry from Robert Sharp for 40 shillings and 3 pence. The parcel is on Three Chopt Road, along the Plumb Tree Branch (Limestone Creek). Owner Limestone Keswick
1772/00/00 The North wing is completed at Monticello. Architect Monticello Charlottesville, VA
1772/01/01 Martha Wayles Skelton, a relic of Bathurst Skelton, marries Thomas Jefferson at The Forest plantation, the home of John Wayles, father of the bride. Her dowry almost doubles his land and slaves. Lost, marker on State Route 5 in Charles City County, VA. Groom
1773/06/10 Jefferson notes in his memorandum book: "Pd at S O returng my own 157. as for Natural bridge 2-15-4 pounds. He paid the Secretary of the Colony in the Surveyor General's Office at Williamsburg for a survey warrant. Owner Natural Bridge State Park Natural Bridge, VA
1774/07/00 Thomas Jefferson drafts instructions for the Virginia delegates at the 1st Continental Congress. He argues that the English Parliament has no governing rights over the colonies and asserts that the colonies have been independent since their founding. Writer First Continental Congress
1774/07/05 A patent in the name of George III is issued to Thomas Jefferson for a 157-acre tract that includes Natural Bridge. Owner Natural Bridge State Park Natural Bridge, VA
1774/08/00 Thomas Jefferson's instructions to the delegates at the 1st Continental Congress is published in Williamsburg, as "A Summary View of the Rights of British America". The pamphlet is circulated in London, Philadelphia and New York. Writer First Continental Congress
1775/06/20 Jefferson arrives in Philadelphia as the youngest Virginia delegate to the second Continental Congress. Jefferson, accompanied by Jupiter, his slave and personal servant, take up residence on Chestnut Street. Represented Virginia Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA Second Continental Congress
1775/08/09 Thomas Jefferson attends the Second Virginia Convention, a common form of interim state government in the early years of the Revolution. Representative St John's Episcopal Church Richmond Second Virginia Convention
1776/00/00 Thomas Jefferson notes that in Annapolis "they have no public building worth mentioning except a Governor's House, the hull of which after being nearly finished, they have suffered to go to ruin." Life McDowell Hall, Annapolis Annapolis, MD
1776/06/28 Thomas Jefferson writes the first draft of the Declaration of Independence, June 11 - 28 Author US Declaration of Independence The Declaration House Philadelphia, PA American Colonies Declare Independence from Great Britain
1776/08/02 Most delegates sign the Declaration of Independence Signer, representing Virginia US Declaration of Independence American Colonies Declare Independence from Great Britain
1779/01/03 Tom Jefferson visits Watsons Ordinary for entertainment. Visitor Boyd Tavern Keswick
1781/01/06 Livid, Jefferson's sends his response, refusing that a turncoat do anything to Richmond's supplies. Upon receiving the letter, Arnold is enraged, destroys extensive military stores before retiring to an encampment near Portsmouth. Virginia Governor Benedict Arnold's Raid on Richmond 1781
1781/05/15 Governor Thomas Jefferson visits Lafayette at his headquarters. Lafayette is at Wilton, with 900 troops camp nearby, May 15-20 1781. Visitor Wilton House Museum Richmond
1781/06/00 Thomas Jefferson escapes with his family to Poplar Forest, his farm near Lynchburg. Poplar Forest Lynchburg Jack Jouett's Midnight Ride
1781/06/04 Thomas Jefferson sends his family to Enniscorthy Plantation for safety Governor Enniscorthy Keene Jack Jouett's Midnight Ride
1783/00/00 Mr Jefferson buys a ferry ticket from Samuel Middleton for passage to Rock Hall on the Eastern Shore. Visitor Middleton Tavern Annapolis, MD
1784/00/00 Thomas Jefferson visits Dr James Murray. It is possible Jefferson bathed from water collected from the roof in a lead lined cistern. It is well known that Dr Murray promotes the medical advantages of a cold shower. Visitor The Annapolis Inn Annapolis, MD
1784/00/00 During the winter of 1783-1784, Thomas Jefferson sketches a new design, inspired by careful study of Matthias Hammonds unoccupied house. Artist Hammond-Harwood House Annapolis, MD
1784/01/14 Treaty of Paris is ratified by the United States Congress in the Senate Chamber of the Maryland State House. The Treaty formally ends the Revolution and establishes the United States as a free and independent nation. Representative from Virginia Treaty of Paris (1783) Maryland Statehouse Annapolis, MD Congress of the Confederation
1784/05/11 Thomas Jefferson departs Annapolis, Maryland, for Paris, France. Work
1785/07/08 In the dungeon of the Chateau de Vincennes, Honore Blanc demonstrates the superiority of interchangeable parts by dissembling 25 flint locks, mixing up the parts and reassembly them. Until now, virtually every devise made by man is individually crafted. Spectator Chateau de Vincennes Paris Invention of Interchangeable Parts
1785/08/30 An improvement is made here in the construction of the musket.... making every part of them so exactly alike.... I put several together myself taking pieces at hazard as they came to hand, and they fitted in the most perfect manner. - TJ to John Jay Spectator Chateau de Vincennes Paris
1788/00/00 Designed by Thomas Jefferson and Charles-Louis Clerisseau, the Virginia State Capitol is completed. Architect Virginia State Capitol Richmond
1790/00/00 Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson personally examines and approves Oliver Evans patent for an Automatic Flour Mill. Government Official Invention of the Automatic Flour Mill
1790/07/10 George Washington and his cabinet (Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Henry Knox, and Alexander Hamilton) dine at the Morris-Jumel Mansion. Visitor Morris-Jumel Mansion New York City
1790/09/00 Thomas Jefferson and Madison climb the steps to the State House dome's balcony with Thomas Shippen and Dr Schaaf, a citizen of Annapolis who will open the roofs of the houses and tell the history of each family who lives in them. Visitor Maryland Statehouse Annapolis, MD
1792/10/01 Thomas Jefferson, traveling north, stops to visit with George Mason at Gunston Hall. Visitor Gunston Hall Mason Neck
1793/00/00 Thomas Jefferson spends the night, on a bed, in a corner of the bar of The Saddle Arms. Slept here The Saddle Arms Philadelphia, PA
1793/11/30 Washington meets with his cabinet (Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox and Edmund Randolph) in Isaac Franks' house four times between November 16 and 30, 1793. Secretary of State Germantown 'White House' Philadelphia, PA 1793 Yellow Fever Epidemic
1796/03/31 Thomas Jefferson makes a proper survey and description of Limestone. Jefferson, Sharp and the other adjoining neighbor, James Huckstep, met and conducted a survey upon which Jefferson drew a plat and wrote a boundary agreement which all three signed. Work Limestone Keswick
1798/10/27 Thomas Jefferson visits the Fitzhughs at Chatham. Visitor Chatham Manor Fredericksburg, VA
1800/01/18 We wish to establish in the upper country of Virginia ... a University on a plan so broad and liberal and modern, as to be worth patronizing with the public support, and be a temptation to the youth of other States.... - T Jefferson to Joseph Priestley Significant name University Of Virginia Historic District Charlottesville, VA
1801/00/00 En-route to his presidential inauguration, Thomas Jefferson stops at Wren Tavern. Razed, marker is on E Broad St (State Hwy 7), E of S Cherry St. Guest Longview Falls Church
1801/01/00 After a year delay, Whitney demonstrates his, supposedly, precision made guns to public officials. Although, the US government provides additional funds, Whitney's guns are actually made by hand and the parts are not interchangeable. Spectator Eli Whitney Gun Factory Hamden, CT
1801/03/04 Dressed plainly, Thomas Jefferson delivers a 1,721-word speech in the United States Capitol's Senate chamber. US President United States Capitol Washington, DC First Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson as President of the United States
1801/03/15 Thomas Jefferson celebrates his inauguration as President in the ballroom in the ballroom of the Gadsby's City Tavern. Visitor Panel from the Ballroom at Gadsby's Tavern, Alexandria, Virginia Gadsby's Tavern Alexandria First Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson as President of the United States
1801/03/19 Jefferson moves into a new home still smelling of fresh plaster. He will soon replace the outdoor privy with two indoor WCs, install a wine cellar, hang service bells and upgrade the kitchen for his French chef with stew stoves, boilers and ranges. US President The White House Washington, DC
1801/04/00 Thomas Jefferson opens the White House to the public in the spring of 1801. US President The White House Washington, DC
1802/00/00 Octagonal built Architect Farmington Country Club Clubhouse Charlottesville, VA
1802/03/16 Thomas Jefferson signs the Military Peace Establishment Act, directing a corps of engineers to be established at West Point in the state of New York, and shall constitute a Military Academy. The academy's sole function is to train engineers. US President US Military Academy, West Point West Point, NY Opening of the United States Military Academy at West Point
1802/04/09 US President Thomas Jefferson donates $100 toward the rebuilding of Nassau Hall after a devastating fire. Benefactor Nassau Hall, Princeton University Princeton
1804/03/03 To Stephen Cathalan, Jr: John Couper of St Simon's Island ... has been informed of the superior excellence of the olive of Marseilles, .... I ask the favor of you to give such aid to his operations as you can with convenience... TJ Life Cannon's Point Preserve St Simons Island Olive
1804/06/00 Digging for the west wing begins in the summer. Jefferson proposed attached service wings, expanded east and west as needed, or as funded, until they join the Treasury Department building and the War Department building. Architect The White House Washington, DC
1805/03/12 Thomas Jefferson celebrates his second inauguration at Gadsby's Tavern. US President Panel from the Ballroom at Gadsby's Tavern, Alexandria, Virginia Gadsby's Tavern Alexandria
1806/10/06 President Jefferson issues a proclamation warning that there are US citizens plotting to take over western part of the United States. President Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1807/00/00 Thomas Jefferson creates a museum in the Entrance Hall of the White House, hanging artifacts brought back by Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Zebulon Pike, that tell about the mysterious west that fascinates the public. US President The White House Washington, DC Lewis and Clark Expedition
1809/03/04 James Madison gives his First Inaugural Address as Presidential of the United States. Guest The National Statuary Hall United States Capitol First Inauguration of James Madison
1809/03/11 Thomas Jefferson pays the ferryman $1 to take him and his carriage across the Potomac River at Georgetown and heads south towards retirement. Life Georgetown
1812/00/00 Thomas Jefferson pays Mrs Boyd for his sister's, Ann Marks, lodging bill. Life Boyd Tavern Keswick
1815/00/00 I have "no idea of selling the land. I view it in some degree as a public trust, and would on no consideration permit the bridge to be injured, defaced or masked from public view." Letter from Thomas Jefferson to William Caruthers Conservationist Natural Bridge State Park Natural Bridge, VA
1815/05/08 To replenish the book collection that was destroyed by the British during the War of 1812, Congress buys Thomas Jefferson's 6,487 volume library. Brought to the Capitol's west center building, the last wagon-load of books left Monticello 8 May 1815. Seller Monticello Charlottesville, VA Battle of Bladensburg
1815/05/08 To replenish the book collection that was destroyed by the British during the War of 1812, Congress buys Thomas Jefferson's 6,487 volume library. Brought to the Capitol's west center building, the last wagon-load of books left Monticello 8 May 1815. Seller United States Capitol Washington, DC Battle of Bladensburg
1815/05/08 To replenish the book collection that was destroyed by the British during the War of 1812, Congress buys Thomas Jefferson's 6,487 volume library. Brought to the Capitol's west center building, the last wagon-load of books left Monticello 8 May 1815. Seller Jefferson Building, Library of Congress Washington, DC Battle of Bladensburg
1815/09/00 Jefferson sends Randolph Harrison a ground plan and elevation for a one-story, six room house. Architect Ampthill Plantation Cartersville
1819/00/00 Built at Upper Bremo, Bremo mansion is completed. The residence was designed by John Hartwell Cocke with John Neilson and probably Thomas Jefferson. Architect Bremo Plantation Bremo Bluff
1819/06/00 Jefferson designs Pavilion IV as a faculty residence and lecture hall. One of the ten pavilions on the college lawn, the design is based on Roland Freart de Chambray's Parallele, depicting the Doric Order of the Temple of Albano, south of Rome. Architect University Of Virginia Historic District Charlottesville, VA
1820/04/22 (slavery) like a fire bell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror. I considered it at once as the knell of the Union.... I regret that ... the generation of '76 ... is to be thrown away by the unwise and unworthy passions of their sons - TJ Life Monticello Charlottesville, VA Missouri Compromise of 1820
1820/06/27 Jefferson sends Monroe drawings and an explanation of his suggestions: Instead of the unintelligible sketch I gave you the other day I send it drawn more at large. Mrs Monroe and yourself may take some hints from it for a better plan of your own. Consulting Architect Oak Hill Leesburg
1822/00/00 Barboursville, one of the largest and finest residences in the region, is built between 1814 and 1822 for James Barbour Architect Barboursville Vineyard Barboursville
1825/00/00 Thomas Jefferson urges the purchase of Observation mountain for the University of Virginia, as a suitable site for an observatory and as a source of water and timber for the university. Developer Leander McCormick Observatory Charlottesville, VA
1825/05/27 In the parlor at Monticello, Eleonora Wayles Randolph is given away in marriage by her grandfather, Thomas Jefferson, to Joseph Coolidge. They live in Boston, Massachusetts. Ellen will eventually give birth to six children, including twin boys. Grandfather of the Bride Monticello Charlottesville, VA Marriage of Ellen Wayles Randolph and Joseph Coolidge
1826/07/04 Thomas Jefferson dies at Monticello on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, just a few hours before John Adams. Died US Declaration of Independence Monticello Charlottesville, VA 50th Anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence
1834/00/00 Original church building is built, 1833-1834, based on the plans by Thomas Jefferson for Christ Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. Architect St Thomas Church Orange, VA
1943/04/13 Jefferson Memorial is dedicated by President Roosevelt. A plaster cast of Evans' Jefferson statue, painted to look like bronze, is installed. In Memoriam Thomas Jefferson Memorial Washington, DC

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Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
US Declaration of Independence Author Declaration 1776/06/28
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