Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1885/00/00 In Sonvilier, Switzerland, distillery owner Fernand Moureaux invents an aperitif drink made by distilling gentian roots. Sonvilier, CH Canton Bern
1889/00/00 Fernand Moureaux's aperitif is named Suze: the brand was officially created.
1896/00/00 Fernand Moureaux's associate, Henri Porte, creates an amber bottle specially for Suze.
1912/00/00 Pablo Picasso Artist The artist Picasso honours the Suze aperitif in a collage entitled "Glass and bottle of Suze".
1922/00/00 The Suze distillery is established. Fernand Moureaux runs the first advertising campaigns for the brand. Each village of France had a "Suze" billboard.
1965/00/00 Pernod Ricard The Suze brand is bought by Pernod.

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Particulars for :
Food Attribute Alcohol
Food Attribute Aperitif
Food Category Drink
Product Kind Food
Food Attribute Liqueur
Food Attribute Swiss Food

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