Wonder Bread

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Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1920/00/00 Taggart Baking Company History Taggart Baking Co's installs state-of-the-art ovens and packaging machinery at 18-28 N New Jersey St (lost) as it prepares to launch a new bread product.
1921/05/23 Taggart Baking Company Baker Taggart Baking Co advertises the arrival "Taggart's Wonder Bread" in The Indianapolis Star. The name and the colorful packaging were created by Elmer Cline who was inspired by balloon races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway
1921/05/24 Alexander L Taggart Work The first loaves of Wonder Bread arrive at grocery stores. Weighing a pound and a half, the new soft, white bread has with an even texture and a resilience that keep it from crumbling even when spread with a topping like peanut butter.
1925/00/00 Taggart Baking Company End Continental Baking Company buys the Taggart Baking Company. The add "It's Slo Baked" to the logo and sells Wonder Bread across the nation.
1930/00/00 Continental Baking Company begins producing sliced Wonder Bread. Invention of Sliced Bread

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Food Attribute American Food
Food Attribute Bakery Goods
Product Kind Food
Food Type Grain
Food Kind Leavened Bread
Food Category Victual

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