DOM Benedictine

Draped in its abbatial robes, signed with a cross and the ecclesiastic initials D.O.M., bound in its parchments and ligatures like an authentic charter, there lies a saffron coloured liqueur of exquisite finesse. Joris-Karl Huysmans

Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1884/05/00 Joris-Karl Huysmans Author "Against the Grain" is published.
1884/05/00 G Charpentier Publisher "Against the Grain" is published.
1940/00/00 Amelia Earhart In Memoriam On the island of Nikumaroro, a work detail finds a human skull, human bones, a shoe thought to be a woman's, a box made for a Brandis Navy Surveying Sextant manufactured in 1918 and a bottle of Benedictine. Phoenix Islands Protected Area Phoenix Islands Amelia Earhart's World Flight

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Particulars for :
Food Attribute Alcohol
Food Category Drink
Product Kind Food
Food Attribute Liqueur

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