Railroads in the Narrative Arts


4.50 from Paddington Novel
A Journey (Short Story) Short Story
Berlin Express Film
Closely Watched Trains (book) Mezzobula
Closely Watched Trains (film) Film
Have You Got Everything You Want? (short story) Short Story
Miss Slumbubble-and Claustrophobia (short story) Short Story
Moscow Stations Book
Mugby Junction (short story collection) Short Story Collection
Murder on the Orient Express (book) Novel
Paradise of the Blind Book
Professor Marten's Departure Book
Shanghai Express Film
Strangers on a Train (book) Novel
Strangers on a Train (film) Film
Summer in Baden Baden Book
The Four-fifteen Express (short story) Short Story
The General Film
The Girl in the Train (short story) Short Story
The Iron Horse Film
The Lady Vanishes Film
The Man in the Brown Suit (book) Novel
The Mystery of the Blue Train (book) Novel
The Plymouth Express (short story) Short Story
The Polar Express (book) Book
The Signal-Man (short story) Short Story
The Story of the Lost Special (Short Story) Short Story
The Story of the Man with the Watches (Short Story) Short Story

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