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Picture Perfect are real places and sites that well known through their frequent use on calendars, advertisements, packaging, etc. - Phantom


Ruins of the Holyrood Chapel by Moonlight Painting


Chrysler Building
Golden Gate Bridge Bridge
Palace of Westminster Capital Building
Red Rock Crossing Butte
Colosseum Structure
Taj Mahal
The Great Wall Wall
Empire State Building, NYC
Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre
  • NRHP
Meridian Gate, Duanmen, Gate of Supreme Harmony
McNeil River - State Game Sanctuary and Refuge River Environment
Painted Ladies
Red Square, Moscow Plaza
Tower of London Castle
Fort Point National Historic Site
Bass Harbor Head Light Station
  • NRHP
Ecola State Park Place
Eiffel Tower Structure
Acropolis Historic District
Statue of Liberty Sculpture

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