Coastal Picket Force in World War II

January 1942, the German Navy initiated Operation Drumbeat and started sinking American and allied ships along American coast. In June of 1942 the US War Shipping Administration began its mission to borrow, purchase or requisition boats, motorboats and sailboats, whatever they needed to become part of a 'Sea Frontier' defense force, the United States Coast Guard's Coastal Picket. Crewed by yachtsmen, fishermen, sailors, World War I veterans and non-sailors, their mission was to patrol the entire eastern sea coast and Gulf of Mexico and report on German U-Boat activities. With German submarine attacks reducing after March 1943, the US Coast Guard reduced patrols by the fall of 1943 and discontinued their use altogether in February, 1944. - AsNotedIn


WESTERN UNION (schooner)
  • NRHP
Mystic Seaport
Nazi Spy Landing Site
  • NRHP
ROSEWAY (schooner)
SHEARWATER (schooner)
U-505 (IX C U-Boat)

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