American Railroad


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Film
Compartiment C, Car 193 Painting
Dumbo Film
North By Northwest Film
Once Upon a Time in the West Film
Rock Island Line Song
Some Like it Hot Film
Strangers on a Train (book) Book
Strangers on a Train (film) Film
The General Film
The Iron Horse Film
The Polar Express Book


Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site
North Carolina Transportation Museum
  • NRHP
Hotel Monaco, B and Ohio HQ
Golden Spike National Historic Site
High Bridge
  • NRHP
Fort Smith Place
Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum
St Louis San Francisco (Frisco) Railway Steam Locomotive 4003
  • NRHP
Nashville Union Station Hotel
Palo Alto Southern Pacific Railroad Depot
  • NRHP
Georgetown Loop Railroad
  • NRHP
Birney Safety Streetcar No 224
  • NRHP
Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel
  • NRHP
Union Passenger Terminal Omaha
Sumpter Valley Railway
  • NRHP
Southern Railway System Depot
  • NRHP
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
New York's High Line Urban Walk
El Paso Union Passenger Station
  • NRHP
Maumelle Ordnance Works Locomotive No 1
  • NRHP
Lookout Mountain Incline Railway
  • NRHP
Million Dollar Bridge
  • NRHP
Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel
Grand Central Terminal Railway Station
Steamtown National Historic Site
High Steel Bridge
  • NRHP
Horseshoe Curve
Scottsboro Memphis and Charleston Railroad Depot
  • NRHP
Travel Town Museum
Hoosac Tunnel
  • NRHP
Railway Exchange Building, Chicago
  • NRHP
United States Air Force Locomotive No 1246
  • NRHP
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Rolling Stock
  • NRHP
California State Railroad Museum
Cos Cob Power Station Lost Historic District
  • NRHP
Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
  • NRHP
Chicago Union Station Railway Station
Arkansas Railroad Museum


Hightstown Rail Derailment
Invention of Electric Railway


Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway: Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway
Alaska Central Railroad: Alaska Central Railroad
Alaska Railroad: Alaska Railroad
Allegheny Portage Railroad: Allegheny Portage Railroad
American Car Company: American Car Company
American Locomotive Company: American Locomotive Company
Arizona Eastern Railroad: Arizona Eastern Railroad
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway: Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Atlanta and LaGrange Railroad: Atlanta and LaGrange Railroad
Atlanta and West Point Railroad: Atlanta and West Point Railroad
Atlantic and Great Western Railroad: Atlantic and Great Western Railroad
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad: Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
Baldwin Locomotive Works: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
Billerica and Bedford Railroad: Billerica and Bedford Railroad
Blytheville, Leachville and Arkansas Southern Railroad: Blytheville, Leachville and Arkansas Southern Railroad
Boston and Albany Railroad: Boston and Albany Railroad
Boston and Maine Railroad: Boston and Maine Railroad
Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad: Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway: Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway
Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern: Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern
Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway: Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway Company
California Southern Railroad: California Southern Railroad
Camden and Amboy Rail Road and Transportation Company: Camden and Amboy Rail Road and Transportation Company
Jones: Casey Jones
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Falls and Northwestern Railway: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Falls and Northwestern Railway
Central of Georgia Railway: Central of Georgia Railway
Central Pacific Railroad: Central Pacific Railroad
Central Railroad of New Jersey: Central Railroad of New Jersey
Central Vermont Railway: Central Vermont Railway
Chesapeake and Nashville Railroad: Chesapeake and Nashville Railroad
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway: Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Chicago and Milwaukee Electric: Chicago and Milwaukee Electric Railway
Chicago and North Western Railway: Chicago and North Western Railway
Chicago, Aurora and Elgin Railway: Chicago, Aurora and Elgin Railway
Chicago, Burlington and Northern Railroad: Chicago, Burlington and Northern Railroad
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad: Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul and Pacific Railroad Company: Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul and Pacific Railroad Company
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad: Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad
Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway: Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway
Choctaw, Oklahoma, and Gulf Railroad: Choctaw, Oklahoma, and Gulf Railroad
Cincinnati and Eastern Railroad: Cincinnati and Eastern Railroad
Cincinnati Southern Railroad: Cincinnati Southern Railroad
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis
: CMSPandP Railroad
Huntington: Collis Potter Huntington
Colorado Midland Railroad: Colorado Midland Railroad
Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek Railroad: Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek Railroad
: Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo RR
Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad: Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad
Copper River and Northwestern Railway: Copper River and Northwestern Railway
: Cotton Belt Railroad
: Council City and Solomon River RR
: D and H Railroad
Danbury and Norwalk Railroad: Danbury and Norwalk Railroad
Delaware and Hudson Railroad: Delaware and Hudson Railroad
Delaware Lackawanna and Western: Delaware Lackawanna and Western Railroad
Delaware Railroad: Delaware Railroad
: Demver and Rio Grande Railway
Denver and Gulf Railroad: Denver and Gulf Railroad
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad: Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad: Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad
Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad: Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad
East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad: East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad
Eastern Kentucky and Georgia Railroad: Eastern Kentucky and Georgia Railroad
El Paso and Southwestern: El Paso and Southwestern Railroad
: Elmira, Cortland and Northern Railroad
Erie Railroad: Erie Railroad
Fitchburg Railroad: Fitchburg Railroad
Florida East Coast Railway: Florida East Coast Railway
Fort Worth and Denver Railroad: Fort Worth and Denver Railroad
Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad: Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad
: Fremont,Elkhorn and Missouri Valley RR
Frisco Railroad: Frisco Railroad
Grand Trunk Western Railway: Grand Trunk Western Railway
Great Northern Railway: Great Northern Railway
: Greeley, Salt Lake and Pacific RR
Huntington: Henry E Huntington
: Hocking Valley Railway
: Hot Springs Railroad
Housatonic and Connecticut Western Railroad: Housatonic and Connecticut Western Railroad
Illinois Central Railroad: Illinois Central Railroad
Illinois Traction System: Illinois Traction System
: International and Great Northern Railroad
Hill: James J Hill
: Kansas City Southern Railroad
: Kansas City Southern Railroad
Kansas City Southern Railway: Kansas City Southern Railway
: Kansas City,Fort Scott and Memphis RR
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad: Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad
Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad: Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad
Lehigh Valley Railroad: Lehigh Valley Railroad
Long Island Rail Road: Long Island Rail Road
Louisiana and Arkansas Railroad: Louisiana and Arkansas Railroad
Louisiana and Northwest Railroad: Louisiana and Northwest Railroad
Louisville and Nashville Railroad: Louisville and Nashville Railroad
: M,P and G Railroad
Maine Central Railroad: Maine Central Railroad
Mauch Chunk Railroad: Mauch Chunk Railroad
Memphis and Charleston Railroad: Memphis and Charleston Railroad
: Memphis,Paris and Gulf Railroad
Michigan Central Railroad: Michigan Central Railroad
Middlesex Central Railroad: Middlesex Central Railroad
: Midland Continental Railroad
: Mineapolis and St Louis Railroad
Minneapolis and St Louis Railroad: Minneapolis and St Louis Railroad
: Minneapolis Union Railway
Minnesota Northwestern Railway Company: Minnesota Northwestern Railway Company
Mississippi and Missouri Railroad: Mississippi and Missouri Railroad
Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad: Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad
Missouri Pacific Railroad: Missouri Pacific Railroad
: Missouri Pacific RR
: Missouri,Kansas and Texas RR
: Missouri,Kansas, and Texas Railroad
Mohawk and Malone Railway: Mohawk and Malone Railway
Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railway: Nashville, Chattanooga and St Louis Railway
: Nashville, Chattanooga,and St Louis RR
New York and Putnam Railroad: New York and Putnam Railroad
New York Central Railroad: New York Central Railroad
Norfolk and Western Railway: Norfolk and Western Railway
Norfolk Southern RR: Norfolk Southern Railway
Northern Pacific Railway: Northern Pacific Railway
: Northern Railroad
Oahu Railway and Land Co: Oahu Railway and Land Co
Ogden, Logan and Idaho Railroad: Ogden, Logan and Idaho Railroad
Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co: Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co
Oregon Short Line Railroad: Oregon Short Line Railroad
Pacific Electric Railway: Pacific Electric Railway
Pacific Fruit Express: Pacific Fruit Express
Peninsular Railway: Peninsular Railway
Pennsylvania Railroad: Pennsylvania Railroad
Pere Marquette Railroad: Pere Marquette Railroad
Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad: Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad: Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railroad: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railroad
Pullman Palace Car Company: Pullman Palace Car Company
Raleigh and Gaston Railroad: Raleigh and Gaston Railroad
Rio Grande Southern Railroad: Rio Grande Southern Railroad
: Rutland Railroad
San Francisco Municipal Railway: San Francisco Municipal Railway
San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad: San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad
Santa Fe and Grand Canyon Railroad: Santa Fe and Grand Canyon Railroad
Saratoga and Hudson River Railroad: Saratoga and Hudson River Railroad
Seaboard Air Line Railroad: Seaboard Air Line Railroad
Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway: Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway
: SF and SJ Railroad
Soo Line Railroad: Soo Line Railroad
South Carolina Canal and Rail Road Company: South Carolina Canal and Rail Road Company
Southern Pacific Railroad: Southern Pacific Railroad
Southern Railway: Southern Railway Company
Spokane and Inland Empire Railroad: Spokane and Inland Empire Railroad
Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway: Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway
St Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad: St Louis Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad
St Louis Southwestern Railway: St Louis Southwestern Railway
St Louis, Wichita and Western Railway: St Louis, Wichita and Western Railway
St Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway: St Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway Company
Sumpter Valley Railway: Sumpter Valley Railway Company
Texas and Pacific Railway Company: Texas and Pacific Railway Company
Union Pacific Railroad: Union Pacific Railroad
Valley Railway: Valley Railway
Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Pacific Railway: Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Pacific Railway
Virginia and Truckee Railroad: Virginia and Truckee Railroad
Wabash Railroad: Wabash Railroad
Wabash, St Louis and Pacific Railroad: Wabash, St Louis and Pacific Railroad
West Feliciana Railroad: West Feliciana Railroad
Western and Atlantic Railroad: Western and Atlantic Railroad
Western Maryland Railroad: Western Maryland Railroad
Western Railroad (Massachusetts): Western Railroad (Massachusetts)
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad: Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad
McKinley: William B McKinley
Palmer: William Jackson Palmer
Wilmington and Weldon Railroad: Wilmington and Weldon Railroad
: Winona and St. Peter Railroad
: Winslow Marine Railway
Worthington and Sioux Falls Railroad: Worthington and Sioux Falls Railroad
Yazoo and Mississippi Valley RR: Yazoo and Mississippi Valley RR
Yosemite Valley Railroad: Yosemite Valley Railroad

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