Fake Maupassants Stories

A smart American publisher and bookseller named M Walter Dunne, whose specialty was large and showily produced "sets," felt that the time had come to confront the American public with all of Maupassant; and he issued [starting in 1903], in seventeen volumes, the first large-scale collection of the stories, novels, travel-writings and verse in English....

But the most remarkable feature of the Dunne collection is its contents: for in it are included no less than sixty-five stories which are not the work of Maupassant.

None of these sixty-five stories has ever been included in any French edition of Maupassant's works; I have been able to identify four as tales from the collected works of one of Maupassant's fellow-journalists, Rene Maizeroy; the authorship of the remainder is unknown; but almost without exception internal evidence shows them to be non-Maupassantian. Falsity is particualrly obvious in those dealing with Central and Eastern European life, especially Vienna and Budapest society, territory never explored by Maupassant, and here described in a very non-Maupassant style. Almost all of the sixty-five give the impression of having been trash in their original language or languages, whatever it or they may have been.

The Dunne collection was followed, during subsequent years, by many smaller, less elaborate Maupassant collections for smaller purses, and although Dunne's collection was copyright it seems to have been without real protection, for in the later collections various of the fake stories first published by Dunne continued to appear and reappear.

Francis Steegmuller, 1949, Maupassant: A Lion in the Path, pp 355-357, New York: Grosset and Dunlap

In 1903, M Walter Dunne begins publishing of the complete works of Guy de Maupassant in seventeen volumes. According to Francis Steegmuller's biography, Maupassant: A Lion in the Path (1950, Collins), Dunne's oeuvre contains sixty-five "fake Maupassants" stories attributed to Maupassant but not written by him. Although they appear in varius English language collections, Steegmuller didn't find any of these stories in the extensive French records of Maupassant's works and for some of the stories an original author has been identified. Later, Onishi Tadao found and additional " fake Maupassants " story, Mad. Twenty-eight stories have been found to have been appropriated from Rene Maizeroy, 20 from Jean Richepin and 18 Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.

This list of fake Maupassants was compiled by Kazuhiko Adachi:

English TitleAuthorOriginal Title
A Deer Park in the ProvincesSacher-MasochEin Hitschpark in der Provinz
A Fashionable WomanSacher-MasochDie Frau nach der Mode
A Good MatchSacher-MasochEine gute Partie
A MisallianceSacher-MasochEine Mesalliance
A Night in WhitechapelRichepinIvres-morts
A RuptureMaizeroyRupture
A Useful HouseMaizeroyL'Hotel a tout faire
An AdventureRichepinUne Aventure
An Honest IdealSacher-MasochEin eheliches Ideal
An Unfortunate LikenessMaizeroyLe Mauvais Mirage
Countess SatanRichepinComtesse Satan
False AlarmMaizeroyFausse Alerte
GhostsSacher-MasochGepenster der Kirche
HappinessMaizeroyLe Bonheur
In Flagrante Delictu/Caught in the Very ActMaizeroyLe Flagrant Delit
In His Sweetheart's LiverySacher-MasochIn der Livree der Geliebten
In Various Roles/An Exotic PrinceSacher-MasochEin exotischer Prinz
Julot's OpinionRichepinL'Opinion de Julot
La MorillonneRichepinLa Morillonne
Lilie LalaMaizeroyLilie Lala
MadMaizeroyEn folie
Mamma StirlingMaizeroyMaman Sterling
Margot's TapersMaizeroyLes Cierges de Margot
Profitable BusinessRichepinUne Bonne Affaire
Stable Perfume/On PerfumesSacher-MasochStall-Parfum
The AccentMaizeroyL'Accent
The ArtistRichepinArtiste
The Bandmaster's SisterMaizeroyLa Soeur du chef
The Carnival of LoveSacher-MasochKarnevale der Liebe
The Carter's WenchMaizeroyLa Fille aux rouliers
The ClownRichepinPouillards
The ConfessionMaizeroyLe Confession
The DebtRichepinLa Dette
The HermaphroditeMaizeroyL'Hermaphrodite
The Ill-Omened GroomSacher-MasochDer verhangnisvolle Jockey
The JennetMaizeroyLe Genet
The Lancer's WifeRichepinLa Uhlane
The Last StepMaizeroyLe Dernier Pas
The Man with the Blue EyesRichepinL'Homme aux yeux pales
The Man with the DogsRichepinCht'Heumme-aux-quiens
The MarquisRichepinLe Marquis
The MountebanksMaizeroyLes Monteflores
The New SensationMaizeroyLe Frisson nouveau
The Odalisque of SenichouSacher-MasochEine Smichower Odaliske
The Old MaidMaizeroyVielle fille
The Real One and the OtherMaizeroyLa Vraie et LAutre
The RelicsMaizeroyLes Reliques
The Sequel to a DivorceMaizeroySuite de divorce
The ThiefMaizeroyLe Voleur
The UpstartMaizeroyParvenu
The Venus of BranizaSacher-MasochDie Venus von Braniza
The ViaticumMaizeroyLe Viatique
The White LadySacher-MasochDie weisse Frau
Under the YokeMaizeroySous le joug
Virtue in the BalletSacher-MasochDie Tugen beim Ballett
Virtue/Kind GirlsRichepinBonnes filles
Wife and MistressMaizeroyNaufrage


An Uncomfortable Bed (short story) Short Story
Ghosts (Short Story) Short Story
The Accent (Maizeroy short story) Short Story
The Artist (short story) Short Story
The Lancer's Wife (short story) Short Story
The Man with the Pale Eyes (short story) Short Story
The Venus of Branzia (Short Story) Short Story


Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Guy de Maupassant: Guy de Maupassant
Richepin: Jean Richepin
von Sacher-Masoch: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
Toussaint: Rene-Jean Toussaint

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