Colonial Boston

Boston buildings identified as surviving from before the Revolution:

Public or Church Buildings

Christ Church, or Old North, (1723)
Old South Meeting House (1729)
Fanueil Hall (1742)
Old State House (1747)
King's Chapel (1750)

Vernacular Buildings

Paul Revere House (c 1680)
Moses Pierce-Hitchborn House (c 1711)
Ebenezer Clough House (c 1711-1715)
Union Oyster House (c 1714)
Old Corner Book Store (1711)


Pierce-Hichborn House
Faneuil Hall
King's Chapel, Boston
Ebenezer Hancock House Townhouse
  • PRHP
James Blake House
  • NRHP
Long Wharf and Customhouse Block
Old State House
Paul Revere House
Ebenezer Clough House
  • PRHP
Clapp Houses
  • NRHP
Old Corner Bookstore
  • NRHP
Old North Church
Union Oyster House
Pierce House
  • NRHP

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