Walker Lane

  • Type: Dextral fault

Walker Lane is a linear north-northwest-trending depression extending some 500 miles (800 km) north from the Garlock Fault-Las Vegas area to south-central Oregon. Within it are Walker, Goose, and Pyramid Lakes. This trough is part of the Walker Lane Fault Zone, a major tectonic system that includes Owens and Death Valleys and several prominent faults. It is the site of current earthquakes. Located at the juncture of two contrasting tectonic styles, the Sierra Nevada and the Basin and Range, the Walker Lane region is deforming in a complex way by both extensional and transcurrent (sliding) fault movements. -USGS

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Walker Lane


Death Valley National Park Natural Environ

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Particulars for Walker Lane:
Geological feature Dextral fault
Tectonic plate North American Plate

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