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Name of Notable Genus AsNotedIn No Address Proximity Area
Name Genus AsNotedIn Address Proximity Area
Inwood Ballroom
116 Bridge St E of S Main St
Wenzil Taylor Building
  • Sight
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Main St


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1880/03/08 Alois Francis Kovarik Born Barbora Miekish Kovarik, wife of Vaclav James Kovarik, gives birth to a son, Alois Francis Kovarik, in Spillville, Iowa.
1893/06/00 Antonin Dvorak Composer Dvorak plays first violin, Jan Josef Kovarik second violin, daughter Cecilie Kovarikova viola, and son Josef Jan Kovarik the cello during the first performance of "String Quartet in F major, Opus 96". Dvorak stayed at Bily Clocks. String Quartet in F major, Opus 96
1893/07/00 Antonin Dvorak Visitor Dvorak spends 3 moths in Spillville playing the St Wenceslaus Church organ at early Mass, drinking Czech beer with a Czech-Americans, fishing in the Turkey River and listening to songbirds. He was awed and saddened by the vast spaces in Iowa.
1965/11/13 Alois Francis Kovarik Died Alois Francis Kovarik dies at age 85 in Spillville, Iowa. Mr Kovarik is buried at Saint Wenceslaus Cemetery in Spillville.

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Particulars for Spillville:
Cultural Affiliation Czech-American
Locale Type Village

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