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  • Type: City

Queen City of the Hanseatic League

Lubeck, the former capital of the Hanseatic League, was founded in the 12th century and prospered until the 16th century as the major trading centre for northern Europe. It has remained a centre for maritime commerce to this day, particularly with the Nordic countries. Despite the damage it suffered during the Second World War, the basic structure of the old city, consisting mainly of 15th- and 16th-century patrician residences, public monuments (the famous Holstentor brick gate), churches and salt storehouses, remains unaltered. - UNESCO WHL

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Name of Notable Genus AsNotedIn No Address Proximity Area
Name Genus AsNotedIn Address Proximity Area
  • Sight
Aegidienstrasse Path from churchyard behind St Aegidien Church
Bruckenturm Hubbrucke
  • WHLc
An d Untertrave Kanalstrasse
  • Sight
  • Visit
4 Mengstrasse Breite Str
Burgkloster Monasterio del Castillo
  • WHLc
1 Burgtorbrucke Grosse Burgstrasse
  • WHLc
5 Grosse Burgstrasse Burgtorbrucke
Cafe Niederegger - Stammhaus
  • Eats
89 Breite Str 4 Huxstrasse
Cathedral Quarter Lubeck
  • WHLc
Dankwartsgrube, Kapitelstrasse Pferdemarkt, Parade
  • Sight
Depenau Street Btw An der Obertrave and Kleine Kiesau
  • Sight
  • Sight
  • WDG
  • 1001 Hist
  • TC
Holstentorplatz Trave River
Kapitelstrasse Lubeck
  • WHLc
Kapitelstrasse Parade to Muhlenstrasser
  • WHLc
Koberg Konigstrasse
Lubeck Cathedral
  • WHLc
2 - 6 Muhlendamm
  • WHLc
1 Marienkirchhof Mengstrasse
Medieval Quarter Lubeck
  • WHLc
Btw Glockengiesserstrasse, Wakenitzmauer, An d Mayer, Konigstrasse, Germany and Aegidienstrasse
Propsteikirche Herz Jesu
  • WHLc
4 Parade Kapitelstrasse
Rathaus, Stadtverwaltung Hansestadt Lubeck
  • Sight
  • 1001 Bld
Breite Str 62 Markttwiete
  • Sight
Wallstrasse 1 Holstenbrucke, Trave River
St Jakobi Kirche zu Lubeck
  • WHLc
1 Jakobikirchhof Koberg
St Katharinen Museum
  • WHLc
27 Konigstrasse Glockengiesserstrasse
St Petri Church Lubeck
  • WHLc
104 Konigstrasse Schmiedestrasse
St-Aegidien-Kirche Lubeck
  • Sight
75 Aegidienstrasse St Annen Srasse
Wolpmann'sche Haus
  • WHLc
81 Konigstrasse Btw Wahmstrasse and Huxstrasse


Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1158/00/00 Hanses Organization After Henry the Lion captures Lubeck, the city is developed into the main port for Westphalian and Saxon merchants moving eastward and northward.
1530/00/00 'Martzapaen' is recorded in Lubeck's guild-rolls. Only apothecaries are allowed to trade with sugar and spices. Lubecker Marzipan
1800/00/00 About 135 marzipan producers, mostly pastry shops, operate in Lubeck. Lubecker Marzipan
1806/03/01 Johann Georg Niederegger of Ulm opens a confections story in the Free and Hanseatic City of Lubeck where he makes marzipan with almonds, and sugar. Lubecker Marzipan
1845/00/00 In business since 1845, Carstens makes Lubecker marzipan with ground almonds, sugar and rosewater. They also offer bars of Lubeck marzipan is infused with orange licquor and covered in dark chocolate. Lubecker Marzipan
1926/06/05 Thomas Mann Home Town Thomas Mann delivers an address on the 700th anniversary of Lubeck, Germany: I certainly do not feel in the least insulted about the marzipan. In the first place it is a very tasty confection, and in the second place it is anything but trivial. - TM Lubecker Marzipan

Eat and Drink »

Lubecker Marzipan Candy Lubeck Marzipan originated in the city of Lubeck in northern Germany.

Data »

Particulars for Lubeck:
Locale Type City
Water feature Harbor

Vicinage »

Hanseatic Zone 1 Historic District
Hanseatic Zone 2 Historic District
Neu Altstadt Lubeck Urban District

Themes »

Creative Works »

Buddenbrooks Book Thomas Mann Thomas Mann grew-up in Lubeck
Nosferatu, a Symphony of Terror Film F W Murnau Filming Location

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