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The Baraboo Range

  • Vicinity: Southern Wisconsin
  • Type: Inselberg, Monadnock

A window into an ancient continent, the Baraboo Range in southern Wisconsin appears as a small east-west-trending patch about 25 miles (40 km) long. The resistant Precambrian quartzite that gives the Baraboos their topographic prominence today formed an erosional remnant, or monadnock (named for an isolated mountain in New Hampshire), as long ago as the late Precambrian. These ancestral mountains were buried by Paleozoic sedimentary strata and are still being exhumed by erosion of the softer overlying rocks. - USGS



Devil's Lake State Park, WI Lake Environ
Point of Rocks
  • NRHP
Van Hise Rock

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Particulars for The Baraboo Range:
Geographic feature Inselberg, Monadnock

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