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Sonfjallet National Park

  • Vicinity: Harjedalen Municipality, Jamtland County
  • Type: Mountainous

Son Mountain

Sonfjallet National Park is a 10,300 hectare protected area in Harjedalen Municipality, Jamtland, Sweden. Rising above coniferous forest, Mount Sonfjallet is notable for a large number of boulders often arranged in grid patterns called stone rings. The park is also notable for wolves, elk, lynx and a permanent bear tribe. The area offers hiking options ranging from easy summer marked trails to multi-day treks. Accommodations include overnight cabins and shelters near the Valmen River. The hamlet of Nyvallen is located on the northern side of the park and the small town of Sveg is about 2 hours away by car.

National Park Sonfjallet is Open Year Around

In winter you may be the only person there. The days are short, but you can ski Grey's western slope and camp in the snow. Marked winter trails begin at Robbery Dals road, Dals embankment and Nysatern. Snow melts off the mountain in April, making it very wet and difficult to get around and you may encounter bears searching for berries, ants and carrion.

Summer is the most popular time to visit when the hiking trails are plentiful and camping is easier. In September, the bears combed mountain slopes for berries, Nyvallens farm takes its animals to another village and the road closes when the snow comes. - AsNotedIn



Mount Sonfjallet

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Particulars for Sonfjallet National Park:
Physiographic Mountainous
Locale Type Natural Environ

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