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Le Havre, FR


Name of Notable Genus AsNotedIn No Address Proximity Area
Name Genus AsNotedIn Address Proximity Area
Clock Tower of the Church of St Joseph
  • Sight
  • 1001 Bld
GR21 Alabaster Coast Trail
  • Activity
  • 1001 Walk
  • 1000 Ped
Le Havre, the City Rebuilt by Auguste Perret
  • Sight
  • WHL

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Particulars for Le Havre, FR:
Locale Type City

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An Andalusian Dog Film Salvador Dali Luis Bunuel Un Chien Andalou was filmed in Le Le Havre
Le Havre Film Aki Kaurismaki "Le Havre" is set and was filmed in the port city of Le Havre
Pierre et Jean Mezzobula Guy de Maupassant Set in the 1880s, Gerome Roland, a retired jeweler, retires to Le Havre with his wife Louise. Their sons are Pierre, a doctor, and Jean, a lawyer.

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