Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1736/05/18 Peter Jefferson Owner Peter Jefferson acquires an option to buy 200-adjacent acres from William Randolph, in exchange for "Henry Weatherbourn's biggest bowl of Arrack punch." Old English Punch
1737/00/00 Peter Jefferson Home Shadwell Plantation dwelling is built (lost). An archaeological excavation in 1991 uncovered two cellar foundations, one of which is believed to be the site of the original main house built by Peter Jefferson.
1741/05/16 Jane Randolph Jefferson Home Peter Jefferson buys 200 acres adjacent to Shadwell for 50 pounds sterling. The Jefferson family moves to Shadwell Plantation.
1743/04/13 Thomas Jefferson Born Jane Randolph, wife of planter Peter Jefferson, gives birth to a son, Thomas Jefferson, in the family farmhouse at Shadwell in the Colony of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson's Birthday
1757/00/00 A flour mill (lost) is erected on the Rivanna River at Shadwell for Peter Jefferson.
1764/04/13 Thomas Jefferson Home Thomas Jefferson comes of age, inheriting 2,750 acres from his father's estate.
1765/00/00 Thomas Jefferson Education Thomas Jefferson passes his bar examination and returns to Shadwell. The courts will close during the Stamp Act Crisis.
1770/02/01 Thomas Jefferson Home The one-and-a-half story frame house at Shadwell Plantation is destroyed by fire. "On a reasonable estimate I calculate the cost of the books burned to have been 200 pounds sterling." - TJ
1771/05/26 Peter Jefferson's flour mill at Shadwell on the Rivanna River is destroyed by "the greatest flood ever known in Virginia". Virginia Flood of 1771
1774/00/00 From 1765 to 1794, the main cash crop grown on Shadwell plantation is tobacco. Operating the farms through overseers, there are eighteen enslaved individuals at Shadwell.
1813/03/13 Thomas Jefferson Randolph Owner Thomas Jefferson deeds Shadwell as a gift to his grandson Thomas Jefferson Randolph.
1840/00/00 Caryanne Randolph Ruffin, Thomas Jefferson's great granddaughter, marries Col Frank Ruffin. The couple will build the current main house at Shadwell.

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