Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1812/02/07 Reelfoot fault in Missouri and Tennessee ruptures, lowering the east side of the Reelfoot scarp to create the Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee New Madrid Earthquakes
1870/00/00 James Harris begins buying up the land under and around Reelfoot Lake.
1899/00/00 James Harris announces his intent to drain Reelfoot Lake for farming. A group of business owners and citizens file a successful lawsuit blocking Harris' plan.
1905/00/00 Intending to collect fees for using Reelfoot Lake, Judge Harris, son of James Harris, forms the West Tennessee Land Company, angering nearby residents who rely on the lake for fish and its wildlife to supplement their diets and incomes. Tennessee Night Riders
1908/10/19 A mob known as the 'Night Riders', abduct West Tennessee Land Company lawyers, Cap Quentin Rankin and Col Robert Z Taylor, from their rooms at Ward's Hotel in Walnut Log, TN, and force them into the woods. Tennessee Night Riders
1908/10/20 Searchers find the corpse of Quentin Rankin, he had been shot and hung. Unkown to them, Robert Taylor had escaped into the lake and hid under a log as the mob discharged their weapons into the lake. Tennessee Night Riders
1908/11/00 The First Tennessee Regiment, commanded by Col W C Tatum of Nashville guard 'Night Riders' suspects at Camp Nemo, Reelfoot Lake. Tennessee Night Riders
1914/00/00 The State of Tennessee acquires Reelfoot Lake. Tennessee Night Riders

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Particulars for Reelfoot Lake State Park, TN:
Physiographic Attribute Bottomland
Natural Feature Lake

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