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African Custard-Apple Fruit
Calabash Fruit
Coffee Fruit
Gingerbread Plum Fruit Gingerbread Plum grows in Western Africa from Senegal to Chad, in seasonal woodland areas of central Africa and in Miombo woodland in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Junglesop Fruit
Kiwano Fruit
Marula Fruit
Mobola Plum Fruit
Muskmelon Fruit
Safou Fruit
Spanish Tamarind Fruit
Sweet detar Fruit
Sycamore Fig Fruit
Tamarind Fruit
Watermelon Fruit
White star apple Fruit

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Particulars for Africa:
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Impressions of Africa Book Raymond Roussel "Impressions of Africa" is set in a mythical African land.
The Shell Collector (short story) Short Story
Anthony Doerr

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