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A Traveler at Forty Book
Theodore Dreiser Theodore Dreiser's first trip to Europe
Dodsworth Book
Sinclair Lewis Samuel Dodsworth and wife Fran, take a Grand European tour.
Dodsworth Film William Wyler Samuel Dodsworth and wife Fran, take a Grand European tour.
The Burden of Our Time Book Hannah Arendt "The Burden of Our Time" describes the rise of Antisemitism in central and western Europe in the 19th century and Imperialism, from 1884 to the start of WWI.
The Green Hat Book Michael Arlen Setting, 1920s
The Prisoner of Zenda (book) Book Anthony Hope The Prisoner of Zenda is set in the fictional Kingdom of Ruritania
To the Finland Station: A Study in the Writing and Acting of History Book
Edmund Wilson "To the Finland Station" is a historical study of the effects of the Russian Revolution on Europe, utopians, anarchists and communists of the day, including Robert Owen, Charles Fourier, Mikhail Bajunin and others.
Transatlantic Sketches Book
Henry James Including sketches from Belgium, England, France, Netherslands, Italy and Switzerland, "Transatlantic Sketches" is a European travelogue from 1870's.

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