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Northern America

  • Vicinity: North America
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Northern America is a vast area, bounded on the west by the Pacific Ocean and the east by the Atlantic Ocean. This diverse landscape extends from the US-Mexican border to the Arctic north; and includes deserts, swamps, mountain ranges, prairies and fields of ice.



Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
United States of America


Y/M/D Description Composition Place Locale Food Event
1530/00/00 Basque fishermen establish Gran Baya whaling station Red Bay Basque Whaling Station Red Bay
1565/09/00 San Agustin established by Spanish admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles St Augustine Town Plan Historic District St Augustine
1604/00/00 Pierre Dugua's expedition spends winter of 1604-1605 on Saint Croix Island St Croix Island International Historic Site St Croix Junction
1607/05/14 About 100 English colonist establish Jamestown, first permanent English settlement in America. Jamestown National Historic Site Jamestown JCC Settling the American Colonies
1608/07/03 Samuel de Champlain establishes Quebec Upper Town of Old Quebec
1619/07/30 Governor George Yeardley opens a six-day meeting the General Assembly, the first representative legislature in the Americas, at the new timber church on Jamestown Island, Virginia. Jamestown National Historic Site Jamestown JCC
1620/12/21 MAYFLOWER pilgrims make landfall and establish the Plymouth Colony. Plymouth Rock Plymouth, MA Settling the American Colonies
1670/04/00 English settlers establish the Carolina colony Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site Charleston, SC

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