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Ellis Island Immigration Depot

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Island of Hope, Island of Tears

How far would you travel to find a better life? What if the journey took weeks under difficult conditions? If you answered "Whatever it takes," you echo the feelings of the 12 million immigrants who passed through these now quiet halls from 1892 to 1954. Ellis Island afforded them the opportunity to attain the American dream for themselves and their descendants. Come hear their stories. - NPS



Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1892/01/01 First inspection station opens on Ellis Island and processes nearly 700 immigrants on the first day. The first immigrant through was Annie Moore, a teenager from Ireland, over 12 million immigrants will be processed by 1924.
1892/02/12 A typhus fever outbreak grows in New York. 57 cases are found, including six suspected cases from the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital that are then sent to the North Brother Island quarantine station.
1893/00/00 Knute Rockne Life Born in Norway, Knute Rockne enters Ellis Island. He will become well known for his 12 seasons as University of Notre Dame Head Football coach where he will lead the team to 105 victories.
1893/09/14 Irving Berlin Life Five-year-old Israel Beilin passes inspection at Ellis Island.
1896/11/16 Dr Helene Knabe Life Departing from Stetten, Germany, Helene Knabe arrives in New York on the ship VIRGINIA.
1897/06/00 After a disgruntled night watchman sets fire to the Ellis Island facility, immigrant possessing operations are relocated back to the Barge Office in Battery Park (lost).
1900/12/17 Boring, Tilton and Melton Architects Current Ellis Island Immigration Depot opens.
1902/09/16 Theodore Roosevelt US President President Teddy Roosevelt visits Ellis Island to inspect how immigrants are processed.
1904/00/00 Hyman G Rickover Life Admiral Hyman G Rickover, born in Makow, Russia, passes through Ellis Island. He designed the first commissioned nuclear powered ship in the US Navy, the USS Nautilus. Decommissioned in 1980, Nautilus is now a designated National Historic Landmark.
1904/02/19 Eleven year old boy Angelo Siciliano (born in Italy) passes inspection at Ellis Island. He changed his name to Charles Atlas and would go on to become a successful bodybuilder and businessman.
1905/00/00 Anna Q Nilsson Life Anna Q Nilsson immigrates to the United States via Ellis Island in New York.
1908/03/30 Bob Hope Immigrant Hope family passes inspection at Ellis Island
1909/00/00 Erich von Stroheim Life At Ellis Island, Erich Oswald Stroheim, a penniless immigrant, grandly declares himself to be Count Erich Oswald Hans Carl Maria von Stroheim und Nordenwall, the son of Austrian nobility.
1911/10/09 Claudette Colbert Life With little Lily in tow, the Chauchoin family arrives in New York City.
1912/00/00 Lewis Milestone Life Born in Bessarabia, Russia (now part of Moldova), Lev Milstein, arrives at Ellis Island.
1913/00/00 Elia Kazan Life Elia Kazan, born Elias Kazantjoglou in the Ottoman Empire (now part of Turkey) passes through Ellis Island.
1922/07/02 Seven immigrant quotas go to smash on Ellis Island, New York, when 2,243 immigrants are taken in for inspection. This number exhaust the quotas for Albania, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Syria and Africa.
1923/02/13 Isaac Asimov Life After sailing from Liverpool on the RMS BALTIC, Asimov family immigrates to America. Although his father remembers them arriving on Feb 3 and were allowed to leave the ship on Feb 7, the original ship's manifest shows they arrived on 13 Feb 1923.
1932/00/00 Born in Ensenada, Mexico while his British parents were there on vacation, Nigel Bruce, enters through Ellis Island. An actor, he is notable as Dr Watson to Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes.
1942/03/21 Franklin D Roosevelt President On the president's desk by March 20, FDR signs Public Law 503 to enforce EO 9066. Ellis Island will serve as an internment camp throughout WW II - detaining thousands, mostly Germans along with Italians and Japanese. Internment of Americans with Foreign Enemy Ancestry

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The Uprooted (book) History Book Oscar Handlin

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