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Astrakhan Oblast Oblast
Central Sikhote-Alin
Church of the Ascension, Kolomenskoye
Cultural and Historic Ensemble of the Solovetsky Islands
Curonian Spit
Ensemble of the Ferrapontov Monastery
Far Eastern Russian Federal District
Golden Mountains of Altai
Historical Centre of the City of Yaroslavl
Kizhi Island Place
Komi Republic Russian Republic
Lake Baikal
Lena Pillars Nature Park
Leningrad Oblast Oblast
Moscow City
North Caucasian Russian Federal District
Northern Steppe and Saiga Migration
Novgorod Oblast Oblast
Oryol Oblast Oblast
Sea of Okhotsk
Siberian Russian Federal District
Steller's Sea Eagle
Tatarstan Russian Republic
Taymry Peninsula
The Valley of the Geysers
Tyulenii Island Island
Ural Federal District Russian Federal District
Uvs Nuur Basin
Volcanoes of Kamchatka
Vologda Oblast Oblast
White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal

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North Asia bordering the Arctic Ocean, extending from Europe (the portion west of the Urals) to the North Pacific Ocean - The World Factbook

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Particulars for Russia:
Political Theory Communism
Locale Type Nation
Cultural Affiliation Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

Demonym: Russian
Corruption Perceptions Index - 2014, Transparency International: 136

History »

Founded in the 12th century, the Principality of Muscovy, was able to emerge from over 200 years of Mongol domination (13th-15th centuries) and to gradually conquer and absorb surrounding principalities. In the early 17th century, a new Romanov Dynasty continued this policy of expansion across Siberia to the Pacific. Under PETER I (ruled 1682-1725), hegemony was extended to the Baltic Sea and the country was renamed the Russian Empire. During the 19th century, more territorial acquisitions were made in Europe and Asia. Defeat in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 contributed to the Revolution of 1905, which resulted in the formation of a parliament and other reforms. Repeated devastating defeats of the Russian army in World War I led to widespread rioting in the major cities of the Russian Empire and to the overthrow in 1917 of the imperial household. The Communists under Vladimir LENIN seized power soon after and formed the USSR. The brutal rule of Iosif STALIN (1928-53) strengthened Communist rule and Russian dominance of the Soviet Union at a cost of tens of millions of lives. The Soviet economy and society stagnated in the following decades until General Secretary Mikhail GORBACHEV (1985-91) introduced glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) in an attempt to modernize Communism, but his initiatives inadvertently released forces that by December 1991 splintered the USSR into Russia and 14 other independent republics. Since then, Russia has shifted its post-Soviet democratic ambitions in favor of a centralized semi-authoritarian state in which the leadership seeks to legitimize its rule through managed national elections, populist appeals by President PUTIN, and continued economic growth. Russia has severely disabled a Chechen rebel movement, although violence still occurs throughout the North Caucasus. - The World Factbook

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A Hero of Our Time Book Mikhail Yu Lermontov
Ada Book Vladimir Nabokov
Anna Karenina Book Leo Tolstoy
Dethroned (Short Story) Short Story Ignaty Potapenko
Diary of a Madman (Short Story) Short Story Nikolai Gogol
Doctor Zhivago (book) Book Boris Pasternak "Doctor Zhivago" is set in Russia, beginning in 1903
Doctor Zhivago (film) Film David Lean "Doctor Zhivago" is set in Russia, beginning in 1913
Eugene Onegin Book Alexander Pushkin
Fathers and Sons Book Ivan Turgenev
Foundation (book) Book Isaac Asimov
God Sees the Truth, But Waits (Short Story) Short Story Leo Tolstoy
Gooseberries (Short Story) Short Story Anton Chekhov
Hide and Seek (Short Story) Short Story Fyodor Sologub
How a Muzhik Fed Two Officials (Short Story) Short Story Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin
How Much Land Does A Man Need (Short Story) Short Story Leo Tolstoy
How the Brigadier Rode to Minsk (Short Story) Short Story
Arthur Conan Doyle
I Robot Novel Isaac Asimov
King Lear of the Steppes (book) Book Ivan Turgenev
Lazarus (Short Story) Short Story Leonid Andreyev
Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days Of The Soviet Empire (book) History Book David Remnick
Mother (Gorky novel) Book Maxim Gorky
Oblomovka Book Ivan Goncahrov
One Autumn Night (Short Story) Short Story Maxim Gorky
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Book Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Pale Fire Book Vladimir Nabokov
Pnin Book Vladimir Nabokov
Spring Torrents Book Ivan Turgenev
Summer in Baden Baden Book Leonard Tsypkin Setting - train from Moscow to Leningrad, 1960s or 70s
The Artomonov Business Novel Maxim Gorky
The Bet (Short Story) Short Story Anton Chekhov
The Blind Musician (book) Novel
Vladimir G Korolenko
The Blizzard (short story) Short Story Alexander Pushkin
The Cancer Ward Book Alexander Solzhenitsyn
The Clay Machine-Gun Book Victor Pelevin
The Crushed Flower and Other Stories (short story collection) Short Story Collection
Leonid Andreyev
The Darling (Short Story) Short Story Anton Chekhov
The Death of Ivan Ilyich Mezzobula Leo Tolstoy
The Devils Book Fyodor Dostoevsky
The District Doctor (Short Story) Short Story Ivan Turgenev
The Enchanted Wanderer Book Nikolai Leskov
The First Circle Book Alexander Solzhenitsyn
The Gulag Archipelago Verfabula Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Setting
The House with the Mezzanine (Short Story) Short Story Anton Chekhov
The Huntsmen (Short Story) Short Story Anton Chekhov
The Kreutzer Sonata Book Leo Tolstoy
The Lady with the Dog (Short Story) Short Story Anton Chekhov
The Life of Insects Book Victor Pelevin
The Little Angel and Other Stories (short story collection) Short Story Collection
Leonid Andreyev
The Looking Glass (Chekhov Short Story) Short Story Anton Chekhov
The Master and Margarita Book Mikhail Bulgakov
The Oligarchs: Wealth and Power in the New Russia (book) History Book David E Hoffman
The Overcoat (short story) Short Story Nikolai Gogol
The Queen of Spades (short story) Short Story Alexander Pushkin
The Red Laugh (Short Story) Short Story Leonid Andreyev
The Revolutionist (Short Story) Short Story Mikhail Artsybashev
The Servant (Short Story) Short Story Sergey Semyonov
The Seven That Were Hanged (Short Story) Short Story Leonid Andreyev
The Shades, a Phantasy (Short Story) Short Story Vladimir G Korolenko
The Signal (Short Story) Short Story Vsevolod Garshin
The Three Questions (Short Story) Short Story Leo Tolstoy
The White Guard Book
Mikhail Bulgakov
The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 (book) History Book Saul Friedlander
Vanka (short story) Short Story Anton Chekhov
Viy (short story) Short Story Nikolai Gogol
War and Peace (book) Makrystoria Leo Tolstoy
We (Zamyatin book) Novel Yevgeny Zamyatin
When The King Loses His Head and Other Stories (story collection) Short Story Collection
Leonid Andreyev
When They Come for Us We'll Be Gone: The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry (book) History Book

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