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Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay
Iggy's Restaurant
Jambatan Cavenagh, Singapore
Les Amis Restaurant
Raffles Hotel
Restaurant Andre Restaurant
Waku Ghin Restaurant

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ABC Extra Stout Beer
Chilli Crab
Hainanese Chicken Rice
Kaya toast
Tiger Beer Beer

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Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia - The World Factbook

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Particulars for Singapore:
Locale Type Nation

Corruption Perceptions Index - 2014, Transparency International: 7

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Singapore was founded as a British trading colony in 1819. It joined the Malaysian Federation in 1963 but separated two years later and became independent. Singapore subsequently became one of the world's most prosperous countries with strong international trading links (its port is one of the world's busiest in terms of tonnage handled) and with per capita GDP equal to that of the leading nations of Western Europe. - The World Factbook

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The Letter (Maugham short story) Short Story
W Somerset Maugham
The Singapore Grip Book J G Farrell The Singapore Grip is set in Singapore, 1939: life on the eve of World War II

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